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Bike Workshop

Just like changing your oil keeps your car running by preventing damage to its parts, regular maintenance for your bicycle keeps components from wearing out before their time.  A well maintained bicycle is much safer and makes riding much more enjoyable.

Protect your investment and enjoy crisp shifting, smooth and responsive braking, and watch the kilometres roll by with much less effort and much more satisfaction.

We offer a full range of services to keep your bike in top condition. From a basic check up to comprehensive overhaul, or pre-race tune up, simply choose the service that best suits your needs. 

We service all types and brands of bikes.

Which level of service is best for me?

    • Hydraulic Brakes (each end flush out)
    • Complete bike build (new bike)
    • Frame/component swap over
    • Installing miscellaneous bike parts and components
    • Tension gear cables
    • Adjust gear levers
    • Adjust / lube derailleurs
    • Centre + adjust brake callipers
    • Adjust brake levers
    • Adjust or fit brake shoes
    • Lube chain
    • Wipe over frame/forks
    • Wipe over clean rims
    • Inflate Tyres
    • Road Test
    • Clean & check frame/forks
    • Adjust headset
    • Tighten head stem
    • Adjust hubs
    • Wheel true up
    • Check & clean rims
    • Check tyres
    • Centre & adjust brake callipers
    • Adjust brake levers
    • Adjust or fit brake shoes
    • Adjust bottom bracket
    • Degrease drive chain
    • Clean & lube chain
    • Clean cluster
    • Adjust & lube derailleurs
    • Adjust gear levers
    • Tension gear cables
    • Check cranks
    • Check pedals
    • Adjust quick release
    • Tighten handlebars
    • Tighten seat pillar
    • Tighten seat clamp
    • Inflate Tyres
    • Road Test

Meet our mechanic, Shaun...

shaun-caire.jpgShaun commenced his working life by serving an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner and learnt the skills of operating manual lathes, programming and operation of CNC lathes and mills. Whilst he was completing his apprenticeship he gained further certifications in diesel mechanics, hydraulic and pneumatic operations.

For many years Shaun worked on sports sedan racing cars within a V8 touring car team and then within the information technology industry. However, his passion for cycling continued to grow and he obtained certification in bicycle mechanics, as well as completing a small business course. Shaun fused his passion for cycling, knowledge and qualifications in bicycle mechanics and his previous business experience to create 'Bicycle Caire'.

Shaun strives to offer customers bicycle and maintenance services in a way where they can see the works being performed and not shutting them out of the workshop. Shaun's key focus is dealing with the customer and providing the "old-fashioned" kind of customer service that we all miss in today’s world.

We use only the best products and tools on your beloved bike...




Fill in the Contact Form below to arrange a booking or simply ask any questions - we're here to help you.

Pricing excludes the cost of any parts unless where mentioned specifically otherwise. Where new parts are included, standard Shimano parts have been quoted. Pricing includes labour for the fitting of parts purchased from TITAN however excludes labour for the fitting of parts purchased elsewhere.

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