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Global Partnership Announcement - Stronger Together

TITAN & Tri Travel - Stronger Together

TITAN Performance Group and Tri Travel are pleased to announce that they have entered into a new partnership that will see the two companies flourish and grow together in the future.

Their aligned values and beliefs, along with a love of sport, business, travel and customer service, will see the two companies work together to develop high quality products and services in the multisport space.

The partnership is an exciting future prospect for athletes, supporters, coaches and event organisers, as combined, the two companies cover all aspects of multisport, events, training, competition and travel.

For 20 years, Tri Travel have provided seamless travel management designed to deliver peak sporting performance, and TITAN Performance Group hold these same values in helping and empowering athletes to achieve their goals. 

Together this partnership will bring together a fusion of bespoke services, products and experiences that will be unique in the multisport industry.

Like Tri Travel, TITAN Performance Group is run by athletes, for athletes. It is our combined belief that by supporting and growing sporting participation levels, the wider community also flourishes and benefits through the positive and encouraging messages this portrays. Empowering people to achieve their goals is our motivation, and by partnering with like-minded companies, all our stakeholders benefit.

The partnership between Tri Travel and TITAN Performance Group is an exciting prospect for the multisport industry, as together, they will develop unique and exclusive services and products that will benefit not only athletes, but the industry as a whole.

We are Stronger Together.

TITAN - Official Supplier of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 Cycling Apparel

TOUR DOWN UNDER STARS MEET WOUNDED WARRIORS TO LAUNCH INVICTUS GAMES SYDNEY 2018 CYCLING RANGESantos Tour Down Under stars including Amanda Spratt, Jessica Allen, Mathew Hayman and Caleb Ewan have launched the official Invictus Games Sydney 2018 cycling range along with the Australian Invictus Games cycling squad who are hopefuls for the 2018 Games.The high-quality [...]

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Being an endurance athlete under the microscope – what pregnancy can teach athletes, both male and female.

So, the second trimester of my pregnancy has come and gone and I am now in the home stretch. For me, the second trimester was far easier than the first, however it did teach me a lot about myself as an athlete. I have learnt quite a few things that I will be implementing on my return to full [...]

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Women in Sport; Transitioning from 6+ hours training per day to pregnancy and back again. Edition 1.

A note from the Editor... Andrea Forrest is an Australian Professional Triathlete, Physiotherapist, TITAN Athlete Ambassador and all round inspiring and impressive woman. She's also now 3 months pregnant (Congrats Andrea and Rod!). We welcome Andrea to our blog page and over the course of her pregnancy she'll be providing some insight into her motivations, training, [...]

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Adversity, positivity and the emotion of IRONMAN.

Life can present some interesting challenges and adversity and we get to choose how we deal with them. Some may choose to 'react' and others may actively choose to 'respond'. What's the difference you may ask? Well, it's significant. Reactions are often lacking consideration, are not tempered in the appropriate manner and more often than [...]

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TITAN Athlete Ambassador Ben Shepherd is someone who sets the bar high, very high. He is living testimony to the notion that hard work pays off and here he provides a striking insight into the realities of life..."I feel that I need to give fair warning - things are about to get real. I've written in [...]

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The Next Chapter

For some time now I have thought about how my key strokes will come together culminating in this first 'live' blog; each of the individual letters playing their own unique role in creating something special. In isolation each of those unique characters can appear senseless, even chaotic, however when they come together in poetic harmony [...]

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I have what it takes.

TITAN Athlete Ambassador Ben Shepherd is someone who sets the bar high, very high. He is living testimony to the notion that hard work pays off. Here's a snapshot into Ben's psyche and it's clear to see that we could all draw a lesson or two from this very driven and determined athlete and family [...]

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Sunshine Coast Triathlon Academy Partner XTERRA Wetsuits Australia

Toby Coote , Head Coach of Sunshine Coast Triathlon Academy / Hybrid Concepts Australia explains why he has chosen XTERRA Wetsuits as the choice of wetsuit / speed suit / training accessories for his athletes.During the past 13 years, Toby has been Head Coach of the Sunshine Coast Triathlon Academy and a commentator at Ironman [...]

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Jake Montgomery Wins His First 70.3 Title In Geelong

Cementing his place in the IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong history, young gun Jake Montgomery, 21, snatched first place at Sunday’s race.Montgomery was unable to snatch up a win after passing late on the run at both IRONMAN 70.3 Mandurah and IRONMAN 70.3 Western Sydney but Geelong was his race.“That was a huge relief, I’m so happy [...]

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