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Titaness Apparel (Womens)

For all the best sporting events across the world the Tri Travel team have you covered

Tri Travel is distinctly different from other travel agencies and booking sites. Over the past 20 years, with our beginnings in triathlon, Tri Travel have set themselves apart by being the experts for any sport event travel for athletes and spectators globally. Our highly experienced team are dedicated to the sporting industry, providing the specialised service needed at events.

Through our global partners, we make races accessible through our comprehensive travel, accommodation and entry solutions. As one of the world’s leading sports travel companies, we’re widely respected for our authenticity, credibility and expertise in the sporting field. We take a flexible approach to managing individual needs, while saving time and cost in organising all aspects of event travel.

Ronin Cycling is about choosing to go forward, it’s when you’re truly masterless.

Whatever your goals or ambitions, we’re certain our products will help you achieve them.

Right now, we're focused on delivering performance driven road carbon wheels backed with an engineering nous.


No more dipping your fingers into a tacky, sticky mess. Body Glide anti-chafe contains no petroleum, lanolin, mineral or other messy oils, meaning this anti-chafe is safe for use with wetsuits, and long lasting - 6 hours water-resistant!

Feel the difference in each dry, protective skin lubricant every day, every time you use it—with no need to wash your hands. Don’t let painful thighs, underarms, groin, feet, or nipples slow you down any more!


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