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Smooth is fast... it's time for you to get aero on race day!

Hire race wheels from TITAN and upon their return you'll receive a $300 credit towards the purchase of a new set of carbon wheels!

Want to go faster on race day but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on top quality carbon wheels? We have the answer for you... race wheel hire. Starting at only $200 for your chosen event, we can have you riding smarter, faster and help you preserve precious energy to run off the bike. tt22-white.png

The one key piece of equipment on a bicycle that guarantees instant results is the wheel. A set of race wheels can deliver significant improvement to your overall speed and race results. Race wheels are generally lighter, have less rolling resistance and put simply, they are faster. For triathletes, race wheels allow you to use less energy and effort before running off the bike... and this is a GOOD thing!

Browse our range of hire wheels below and if you can't find what you're looking simply Contact Us and one of our experienced team will help get you rolling.



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