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Want to feel like you're swimming 'downstream'... find your #freespeed and hire an XTERRA Wetsuit.

XTERRA Wetsuits make your swim faster and more comfortable. We've been doing this all over the world since 2001. We confidently stand by our claim of making the world's fastest wetsuit, and our sponsored athletes have the records to back it up: An XTERRA Wetsuit, worn by one of the world's elite triathletes, holds the world record for fastest swim while wearing a wetsuit.lb8.jpg

XTERRA Wetsuits are designed with four key components in mind – comfort, speed, buoyancy and value.

Hosting individually cut panels and anatomical curves, coupled with our top shelf neoprene core and drag reducing x-flex liner, XTERRA Wetsuits provide you maximum legal buoyancy, comfort and speed. XTERRA Wetsuits allow for a natural range of motion in the stroke creating a feeling of "swimming downstream."

Browse our range of hire wetsuits below and if you can't find what you're looking simply Contact Us and one of our experienced team will help get you get your swim on. 


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