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Community: a self-organised network of people with common agenda, cause, or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources.


The TITAN Community is exactly that. We are defined by our shared passion for an active lifestyle, positive summer vibes, dedication and commitement to training, our ongoing hustle to be the best we can be, being humble in achievement, displaying sincere appreciation of those around us who support our adventures and our relentless encouragement of others to chase and achieve their own personal goals. Put simply, the TITAN Community is a family of like-minded positive people who aim inspire others.

The TITAN Community is YOU.

Our Community page is a fusion of information, advice and positive vibes. Come here to check out some of the TITAN family, Professional Athletes, Age Group Ambassadors and key Partners. Keep abreast of our latest News, Media & Blog and tune in to our YouTube channel for product reviews, tips, tricks and so much more!



"I love the community that has developed and I love being part of the TITAN family. Triathlon is such an individual sport but TITAN provides the 'team' atmosphere that is often missing."

Andrea Forrest
Olympic Distance AG World Champion

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