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Custom Apparel


Why choose TITAN Performance Apparel for your next custom order? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if life were easier? If you had the power to change traffic lights to green and you always spotted the rock star car park? At TITAN, we love easy and that’s why we can offer you the simplest, most convenient and efficient way to get into some new custom kit.

No Minimum Order & No Order Cycle - that's right, you can order as many or as few garments as you please, whenever you choose!

Wide Product Range - we offer multiple fabric 'levels' catering for the budget conscious beginner through to the high performance professional athlete. We specialise in cycling, triathlon, running, dance, soccer and casual apparel and can tailor our pattern templates to meet the needs of all body shapes and sizes.

FREE Graphic Design Service - we don't charge for design. We want to help you bring your ideas to life, for free!

Top Performance Partners - we only use top suppliers to produce the finest products available. We use Italian, Swiss and French fabrics such as MITI, SITIP, WINDTEX, PLASTOTEX etc coupled with Italian chamois options from Elastic Interface and TMF.

Express Door to Door Shipping - our normal delivery time is approximately 6 weeks commencing from the date of artwork and payment confirmation. This turnaround time may vary for large bulk orders or time of year (e.g. Christmas Holidays etc.). Smaller orders can be produced in shorter time frames and of course a rush service is always available for those last minute needs. If you order more than 10 main items we'll even provide you with FREE shipping!

100% ITALIAN Sublimation Technology - we only use the best Italian J-TECK eco-friendly sublimation inks and MONTI ANTONIO sublimation machines. We pride ourselves on bringing you vivid, crisp and fantastic colours that will never fade. We can even do hi-vis fluoro!

Competitive Pricing - when you combine our superior quality products and services with our competitive prices, you will realise what you've been missing out on in the past from other suppliers. We have some of the lowest prices on the market for single custom kits!

Club Rebate Program - we not only provide top quality garments that keep athletes comfortable when training and racing, we work closely with club committees, coaches and athletes of all abilities and experience levels to custom design programs that directly support club growth, improve committee efficiency and provide tangible value and benefit to members.

Team Store (Club Portal) - we aim to improve the efficiency of club ordering and minimise the stock levels that clubs need to keep on hand. We can provide a full online team store and club portal where club members can place and pay for apparel orders, and receive access to discounted pricing and special offers.

Global Operation in Australia, USA and Canada, with our own factory - we provide one-on-one 'signature service' and our team will personally help you bring your custom apparel ideas to life. We are cyclists and triathletes ourselves and we understand the competitive, comfort and functional needs of your apparel. 

We cater for EVERYONE... from an individual order to large special event... from novice to professional.... no order is too big or too small. We assist you with every step of the process from design to production ensuring an efficient, effective and enjoyable experience.

We've been outfitting teams and individuals at all levels around the globe with cutting edge performance apparel carefully constructed with industry leading Italian, Swiss and French fabric and utilising J-Teck Sublimation. Sports enthusiasts and athletes are able to feel more comfortable and race faster, and longer, with TITAN Performance Apparel.

Fill in the Contact Form below and we'll help bring your ideas to life! 

"TITAN's custom apparel is second to none. They provide an extensive range of superior products, competitive pricing and have no minimum order. TITAN Performance Apparel is without question my cycling apparel of choice; comfortable, durable and exceeds my high standards."

Stuart O'Grady OAM
17 x Tour de France Cyclist
Olympic Gold Medalist

"Warringah changed to TITAN for a more flexible solution for club kit. TITAN provide a range of quality points to cater for all levels and there's no need for the club to hold stock. Our members order on demand with no minimums.TITAN have made life easy for our Club Committee and delivered us great efficiency as well as great product."

John Moore
Warringah Triathlon Club



IMPORTANT: Please note that our size charts are NOT for body size, they provide sizes of the finished garments. We suggest that you measure one of your existing garments (one in which you like the size/feel and fits you well) and then compare the measurements to our sizing charts. To measure your garment it is best to lay the item flat on a table or floor and then measure the specific areas according to our size charts. Compare measurements and select the most appropriate size garment for your needs.


  • Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

  • Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

  • Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

  • Men's Cycling Vest

  • Women's Cycling Vest

  • Men's Cycling Jacket

  • Women's Cycling Jacket

  • Base Layer

  • Cycling Shorts

  • Cycling Bib Shorts

  • Cycling Tights

  • Cycling Bib Tights

  • Short Sleeve Cycling Skinsuit

  • Long Sleeve Cycling Skinsuit

  • Arm Warmers

  • Knee Warmers

  • Leg Warmers

  • Shoe Covers

  • Gloves

  • Bandana

  • Cycling Cap

  • Cycling Socks

  • Mussette Bag

  • BMX Jersey

  • Cycling Neck Gaiter

  • Short Sleeve Base Layer


  • ITU Triathlon Suit

  • Short Sleeve Tri Suit

  • Short Sleeve Tri Top

  • Swim Briefs

  • Swimsuit

  • Tri BRA

  • Tri Hipster & Iron Tri Hipster

  • Triathlon Shorts

  • Triathlon Singlet

  • Triathlon Suit


  • Running Shorts Loose Fit

  • Running Singlet

  • Running Visor & Running Cap

  • Short Sleeve Running Shirt

  • Sports Bra & Running Hipster


  • T-Shirt

  • Polo Shirt

  • Mechanical Shirt

  • Casual Jacket

  • Hoodie Jacket

  • Casual Pants

  • Capris

  • Pullover Hoodie

  • Fitness Tights


Our experienced and friendly team work closely with you to ensure that your ordering process is simple, efficient, and positive and delivers quality garments to you in a timely manner.  Our experience has shown that each custom order is different and each customer approaches us with different design ideas, at different stages of development and each has different expectations. This is why we love what we do. We love working with people and each job is always interesting and new – we are here to help bring YOUR ideas to life!

Whilst we highlight that every job is different, here’s a general summary of what to expect when bringing your custom apparel to life:

  1. Browse the PRE DESIGN TEMPLATES or RECENT WORKS on our website to inspire you with design concepts. If you already have a design brief, rough sketch, Google image of what you like or even a confirmed artistic design, you’re already well and truly into the process! Don’t forget that we offer FREE design services to help you – that’s what we’re here for.
  2. Once you have an idea of what you might like, Contact Us and provide us as much information as you can. We would ask that at a minimum you provide us with the following details:
    • Design brief (this could be in the form of written/dot point instructions, hand drawn sketch, images of existing apparel that you like, the number of a PRE DESIGN TEMPLATES or RECENT WORKS image, or a formal design you’ve had created elsewhere)
    • Information relating to colours and placement of logos
    • Logos supplied in vector format (.ai or .eps)
    • Date of your event (or date you require apparel)
    • Contact details including name, email address and phone number
  3. Submit your enquiry.
  4. Once we receive your enquiry one of our friendly and experienced team will make contact with you. We will confirm that your enquiry has been received and also ask any questions to make sure we have an exact understanding of what you want.
  5. Our graphic design team will be provided your brief. They will commence work on a number of draft design images suited to your requirements. If you have requested designs for multiple garment types (e.g. cycling jersey, running singlet, casual jacket, etc.) we typically provide designs on an individual garment type prior to moving to the next garment, just so we can make sure we’re on track!  Designs are usually returned to you within 24-48 hours.
  6. Once you have received the draft designs we ask that you review each of them and provide feedback. Our team member will then work with you to revise and review as many times as required. Our priority is to ensure that you receive exactly what you want in a timely and efficient manner. Our graphic designers will provide you new / revised designs until you are satisfied with them.
  7. Once design for the garment/s has been confirmed, our team member can you provide recommendations regarding the ‘level’ of product / fabric etc. that best suits your needs and budget. We offer multiple ‘levels’ within each product category and cater for the beginner through to the professional athlete, for the budget conscious through to the spend thrift. We provide you with transparent product recommendations based on your actual needs, should you wish for our advice.
  8. Having confirmed your design and ‘level’ of product, our team member will provide you with a Product Confirmation and Invoice. The Product Confirmation provides specific details relating to the design, size, quantity, level etc. of your order. The invoice corresponds to the Product Confirmation. We seek your approval of both documents and provide you with a payment link. Payment can be made via credit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer.
  9. Once the Product Confirmation has been approved and payment received in full your order will be expediently moved into production. We will keep you updated on the progress of you order and it will usually ship to you with 4-5 weeks.
  10. When your order is completed we send it to your door using reputable and reliable express shipping providers. We provide you with a tracking number so you can follow its travel to your door.  Wait 3-4 days (patiently if you can!) and you will then be riding, running, or swimming in your custom designed top quality apparel!


For those interested in establishing an online Team Store, please Contact Us and we can provide you further information and a demonstration of how the club portal operates.

TITAN Triathlon Multisport
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048
PH (+61) 08 8296 5274


What is the minimum order quantity?

We have the lowest minimums in the industry, one! That’s right, we have ‘no minimums’ and can cater for orders of all sizes. Discounts apply when ordering two or more pieces! 

Can orders be placed at any time?

Yes, you can place an order of any size, at any time. We do not have an ‘order cycle’ meaning that clubs can order based on demand reducing the need to carry excess stock. Simply order as often as you choose, and order as much or as little as you need.

Can I re-order at any time?

Yes, you can re-order at any time. This is a fast and efficient process.

We need help with design, what do we do?

We provide a FREE design service to help bring your ideas to life. To get started we simply ask for a design brief. This can be in the form of written instructions, sketches, images of garments you like or any other format. We even have a large range of PRE DESIGN TEMPLATES and RECENT WORKS that you may like to browse for some ideas. Once we have the design brief our team will compile a number of draft concept images for your inspection and comment. We can then revise these as often as required to ensure the designs hit the mark and deliver exactly what you want! We ask that any logos are supplied in vector format (.ai or .eps) to ensure that they appear crisp during the sublimation process.

We already have our design, does this matter?

We are more than happy to use designs that you supply to us. We ask that any logos and artwork are supplied in vector format (.ai or .eps) to ensure that they appear crisp during the sublimation process.

What is the shipping charge?

We provide FREE door to door express shipping on any orders inclusive of 10 or more main items. For any orders of less than 10 main items there is an AUD$35 express shipping and handling fee.

How long until my order will be delivered?

After your order has been confirmed and payment received, our normal delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks. A rush service is always available for those last minute needs. Our 14 day rush service is available for an additional charge of 50% and 21 day rush service is available for an additional charge of 25%.

Where is my order manufactured?

With global Management and Sales teams located in Australia, Canada, USA and Asia, our family operated business and manufacturing facility is located in Guangzhou, China. We employee more than 100 staff, our manufacturing facility has recently expanded to over 10,000 square metres and we produce in excess of 15,000 garments per year.

Do you offer any club rebate or discount programs?

Yes, absolutely we do! We not only provide top quality garments that keep athletes comfortable when training and racing, we work closely with club committees, coaches and athletes of all abilities and experience levels. We tailor programs that directly support club growth, improve committee efficiency and provide tangible value and benefit to members. Contact Us for further information and we will work with you to deliver direct benefit to your club or squad.

Do you have an online Team Store?

Yes, we sure do.  We have the ability to set your club, team, squad or organisation up with a dedicated Team Store via a unique club portal on our website. This portal provides the ability for your members to sign in, access exclusive club pricing and special offers and directly purchase club apparel, at any time and of any quantity. Contact Us for further information, we will happily provide you a demonstration of how the Team Store and club portal operates.

What type of fabric do you use?

We use top shelf Italian, Swiss and French fabric. Please refer to ‘Fabric & Technology’ for further information on fabric types and properties.

What type of printing do you use?

We use cutting-edge J-Teck sublimation using Italian inks. The inks are dispersed dyes within an eco-friendly liquid carrier that are printed onto paper. The dispersed dyes are transferred from the paper to a textile (i.e. your garment) creating a vibrant image. Sublimation inks have a wide variety of applications, from sports-wear to plastic substrates. Our sublimation process ensures your garments retain crisp, vivid colours and allows for printing of the most complex (or basic) designs and images.

What if my item doesn’t fit me correctly?

All items are custom produced in your specific design and to meet your specific requirements. As such, we are unable to accept any returns on garments due to incorrect sizing. We strongly suggest that you refer to our Size Charts to ensure you order the correct sized garment. IMPORTANT: Please note that our size charts are NOT for body size, they provide sizes of the finished garments. We suggest that you measure one of your existing garments (one in which you like the size/feel and fits you well) and then compare the measurements to our sizing charts. To measure your garment it is best to lay the item flat on a table or floor and then measure the specific areas according to our size charts. Compare measurements and select the most appropriate size garment for your needs.

What happens if a garment appears faulty?

We enforce strict quality assurance procedures on all garments prior to them leaving our manufacturing facility. Our team takes photographs of all garments prior to packing and despatch. This process ensures we retain a visual record of the quality and condition of the garment when it is sent to you. Should you receive any item that you believe to be faulty please IMMEDIATLEY Contact Us prior to wearing the garment. It is likely we will require photographs of the garment. For all other warranty information, please refer to CARE INSTRUCTIONS.

Do you offer bulk order discounts?

Yes, we offer variable bulk discounts depending on the size or your order and garment type and composition. Please Contact Us and provide further information with regard to your bulk order. Our team will then be able to provide you more specific pricing and ordering information.

Do you cater for large / charity events?

Yes, we cater for large special, corporate and charity events.  We assist you with every step of the process from design to production ensuring an efficient, effective and enjoyable experience. We work with you to create quality garments within budget and delivered within deadline. Please Contact Us and provide further information with regard to your event. Our team will then be able to provide you more specific pricing and ordering information.

Can I see samples of your garments?

Yes, you sure can. We have a range of sample products that we can send to you to highlight the quality, durability and texture of our products. We also have fabric swatches that we can provide so that you can touch, see and feel the wide variety of fabrics on offer. If you require samples or fabric swatches please Contact Us and our team will be able to arrange to have them sent to you.

TITAN Triathlon Multisport
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048
PH (+61) 08 8296 5274


These Terms & Conditions apply to TITAN Performance Apparel (TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd)

All TITAN Performance Apparel (TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd) orders are subject to the following terms and conditions. By placing an order with TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd you are agreeing to the following: 


  • Pricing is as shown on the TITAN Performance Apparel Product & Price List.
  • Discounts apply pending order quantity.
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over 10 pieces in 129 countries.
  • All prices are in listed in either AUD. For shipments outside the Australia, the customer is responsible for all additional taxes, duties and charges.
  • Add-on options apply to all items ordered for each style per order etc. (e.g. zipper pockets, reflective pockets, etc.).
  • 14 day Rush service is available for an additional charge of 50%. 
  • 21 day Rush service is available for an additional charge of 25%.


  • A deposit is required to begin the custom process should you require a fit kit. A deposit amount to be determined based on product needs is required to start the process and to secure a fit kit. The amount is applied towards your order. In the event that you receive a fit kit you are responsible for the shipping charges back to the TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd at Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road, Hove, 5048, South Australia. Failure to return the kit within 2 weeks will result in you being charged the value of the kits that you have been provided. Additionally any item that does not come back in the same condition as it was received will result in you being charged the published price of that item.
  • The customer is responsible for entering the correct products, quantities and sizes if utilising our ordering system. The customer is responsible for confirming the correct products, quantities and sizes and all other details on the Product Confirmation document. You will receive a Production Confirmation detailing your complete order description and specifications.
  • Once your order has been submitted and artwork (Product Confirmation) has been approved (via email) no design or order changes will be accepted. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this condition.
  • The total dollar amount of the order is due at the completion of the design stage and must be paid in full to begin production process. The order may be paid with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal or certified cheque / money order payable to NTITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd.
  • Free shipping is provided on orders of 10+ items. Shipping charges of AUD$35 apply to orders of less than 10 items.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of and payable by the customer.
  • You (the customer) are responsible for all colours, specific colour codes (PMS, CMYK), logo acceptance and approvals, permitted logo usage, etc. We recommend that you have a ‘second set of eyes’ evaluate your proofs and Product Confirmation to ensure the accuracy of your design and order details. Computer screens are all different and colours can vary between them; be specific as to which shade you want printed, or provide exact colour code numbers (e.g. Pantone numbers).
  • The customer is responsible for final approval of spelling and/or grammar on all artwork and designs.
  • The TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd logo will appear on the front and back of all custom garments.  The TITAN logo will appear on the front left breast of all custom garments.
  • The customer is responsible for receiving permission for the use of all logos and/or copyrighted material incorporated into the design. TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd accepts no liability or responsibility for the use of logos and/or copyrighted materials. By confirming final approval of the Product Confirmation the customer accepts liability for any copyright or other infringements resulting from the use of logos or other materials.
  • TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd reserves the right to use reproductions of customers’ clothing in TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd advertising, marketing and any other hard copy or electronic publications as may be relevant.
  • All sales are final.


  • FREE SHIPPING on orders of 10+ pieces in 129 countries and regions, except orders sent to remote areas in DHL, UPS, TNT or FEDEX’s dispatching system.
  • For shipments outside Australia, the customer is responsible for all additional taxes, duties and charges.
  • Tracking number will be provided upon shipping. Standard shipping times are 4-7 weeks from date of payment confirmation.
  • Rush service is available at a 50% surcharge if you need your order shipped in 14 days.
  • Rush service is available at a 25% surcharge if you need your order shipped in 21 days.
  • For orders of less than 10 pieces, an AUD$35 shipping and handling fee (per order) will be charged and is payable by the customer.
  • TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd only ships with the most reliable express carriers: DHL, UPS, TNT or FEDEX.
  • The 129 countries and regions with FREE SHIPPING policy are: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Israel, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, San Marino, Austria, Guernsey, Jersey, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Malta, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Canary Islands, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Dominica, Paraguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Jamaica, Cuba, Anguilla, Aruba, Bermuda, Bonaire, French Guyana, British Guyana, Martinique, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin islands, Cayman Islands, Belize, Bolivia, Colombia, Curacao, El Salvador, Guadeloupe, Honduras, Venezuela, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Uruguay, Antigua, Barbados, Ecuador, Grenada, Haiti, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Sao Tome & Principe, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Turks & Caicos Islands, Montserrat, Saint Barthélemy, St. Lucia, Suriname, Guatemala, Bahamas, Kenya, Ethiopia.


Art Guidelines

Your artwork should be created in a vector-based software program, such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand, and then saved to one of our supported formats (.eps, .cdr, .ai, .fh). Vector art is made from a series of mathematical curves and is the key for printing because vector-based images can be scaled indefinitely without degrading. Your vector logo will be printed with maximum precision even when resized. A low-resolution raster graphic would blur excessively if it were enlarged. Most logos are created as vector files. Logos taken from websites, business card images or faxed logos are low resolution and are not suitable for printing.

Vector logos can be scaled indefinitely without degrading. Non-vector artwork is identifiable if the file you have ends in .JPEG, .GIF, .BMP.

If you can't get your logos in vector format, please make sure the images are of high resolution: 300 dpi n scale, 1:1 (.pdf, .jpg, .tif).

Pantone Colours

The Pantone® Matching System is the industry standard color matching system.

TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd uses the COATED version of these PMS colours. Please note: The colour chart below may vary depending on computer monitors but offers a rough way to choose colors. If absolute true colors are necessary, a Pantone® Colour Formula Book is recommended and can be found in most art stores.


Due to the custom nature of this order, all sales are final and no returns will be accepted unless the merchandise is determined to have a manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defect means a defective product upon customers’ receipt of the item or printing error of the customers’ artwork. Customers are responsible for reporting to any defect TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd immediately upon receipt of the item and before wearing it.  Customers shall be responsible for following the care instructions on wash care/inner collar/label to maximise the product’s performance and life span.

Care, Washing and Storage Instructions

Please adhere to the below care, washing and storage instructions to prolong the durability and performance of your cycling, triathlon, running and casual garments. Remember, like every form of clothing and apparel, cycling, triathlon, running and casual apparel is not made to last forever. However, by following a few simple but essential guidelines, you can extend the lifespan and performance of your garments.

Before the ride

Never use creams, liquids and products for warming up (winter) or sun protection (summer) under the garments made with elastic fibres. These products contains chemicals which can quickly lead to fibre deterioration in all garments made with spandex.

After the ride

After each ride, hang the garments in a well-ventilated environment or wash them immediately. Do not hang the garments in the direct sunlight. Never store damp clothes in a non-ventilated environment (e.g. plastic bags, sport bag, suitcase, etc.). If your body has a tendency for heavy perspiration, water-rinse the garments after each use to protect the fibres from bacterial attacks which might lead to fabric deterioration.


Washing a garment means putting stress on fabric and seams! Therefore, hand wash garments separately from other clothes and accessories to prevent friction. Before washing, turn the garments inside out (seams on the outside). Do not use bleachers and/or softeners. Use a mild liquid detergent only.  Do not soak, wring or rub. Do not spin after washing. To remove excess water from your garment gently squeeze by hand. Dry garments flat or hanging, but do not tumble dry. Use only luke warm water.

Potential Concerns

Fabric piling

Fabric piling does not occur by itself. It is always as a result of abrasion. For this reason we suggest you do not use embroidered saddles and make sure the Velcro fastener of the saddle pocket does not touch the shorts. Saddle designs which expose the top part of your seat post do cause "touching" and lead to piling.
Do not wash your shorts or jerseys together with gloves, bags, rain jackets or other accessories because of the Velcro straps! Unfortunately such a problem is never considered a manufacturing defect as it is the direct result of the above described elements.

Fabric deterioration

Sweat is toxic and can lead to bacterial attack. Due to the performance nature of the fabrics used within our garments they are delicate and deterioration may eventually occur. In order to minimize this problem and maximise the lifespan of your apparel, we recommend you water rinse the garment after each ride/use. Also, never store a moist garment in a closed environment like a plastic bag as this will exacerbate the growth of bacteria.

TITAN Triathlon Multisport
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048
PH (+61) 08 8296 5274

Titan Triathlon Blank Templates

Titan Running Blank Templates

Titan Casual Blank Templates

Titan Cycling Blank Templates

Titan Childrens Blank Templates



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  • PDT138


  • PDT137


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  • PDT131


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  • PDT128


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  • PDT120


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  • PDT113


  • PDT112


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  • PDT109


  • PDT108


  • PDT107


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  • PDT192


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  • PDT091


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  • PDT 082


  • PDT081


  • PDT080


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  • PDT077


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  • PDT074


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  • PDT073


  • PDT372


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  • PDT067


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  • PDT062


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  • PDT057


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  • PDT054


  • PDT053


  • PDT052


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  • PDT050


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  • PDT048


  • PDT047


  • PDT046


  • PDT045


  • PDT044


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  • PDT040


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  • PDT038


  • PDT037


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  • PDT035


  • PDT034


  • PDT033


  • PDT032


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  • PDT030


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  • PDT026


  • PDT025


  • PDT024


  • PDT023


  • PDT022


  • PDT021


  • PDT020


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  • PDT018


  • PDT017


  • PDT016


  • PDT015


  • PDT014


  • PDT013


  • PDT012


  • PDT011


  • PDT010


  • PDT009


  • PDT008


  • PDT007


  • PDT006


  • PDT005


  • PDT004


  • PDT003


  • PDT002


  • PDT001






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  • RW092


  • RW091


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  • RW087


  • RW086


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  • RW017


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  • RW001





Established in 2009 our factory has accumulated rich experience in the apparel field and export products all over the world. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of apparel including, but not limited to, cycling, triathlon, rugby, skating, running, soccer, basketball, badminton, hockey, t-shirts, polo shirts, casual jackets and many more.

We pride ourselves on high quality garments, competitive pricing and fast delivery time.

With global Management and Sales teams located in Australia, Canada, USA and Asia, our family operated business and manufacturing facility is located in Guangzhou, China. We boast a team of professional designers and experienced staff, as well as our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. In 2015 we expanded these facilities to meet an increased demand. Our production facilities are now more than 10,0000 square meters in size and we employee more than 100 staff. We produce in excess of 15,000 garments per year.

With exquisite craftsmanship, top shelf hand selected materials and state-of-the-art digital sublimation printing technology using Italian ink, our products have developed a reputation for high quality, comfort and durability. Our major export markets are the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, Singapore and some other countries in Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Embracing the philosophy of "Quality & Fashion, Integrity & Innovation" our experienced and friendly global team are dedicated to pursuing professionalism and superior quality.

We offer a completely customised service and welcome all drawings, designs and samples for processing and OEM production. We aim to establish long-term positive business relationships that are founded on respect, open communication and positive engagement.

We offer a  free custom graphic design service should you require it and work closely with you to develop concepts, design and produce your custom OEM apparel.

For more information, please Contact Us and one of our team will respond to your enquiry.

We look forward to working with you.

The TITAN team.

TITAN Triathlon Multisport
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048
PH (+61) 08 8296 5274

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