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EFS Liquid Shot


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First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot

EFS Liquid Shots are designed to be used in place of gels that can slow down absorption and digestion. Features include a 400-calorie supercharged endurance formula that boasts over 1500mg of electrolytes, 1000mg of amino acids and 100 grams of carbohydrates.

  • 400 high-quality calories
  • Over 1500mg electrolytes
  • 1000mg of amino acids

Detailed Information FAQs INGREDIENTS

Detailed Information

The fact that it doesn’t have gelling agents and doesn’t paste up in the mouth means that it’s absorbed into the bloodstream quicker. Not only does it deliver the caloric goods, the vanilla flavor is truly fantastic.”


The EFS Liquid Shot represents the latest collaboration between First Endurance, consumers like you and the most demanding athletes in the world. From the state-of-the-art formula down to the eco-friendly packaging, the EFS Liquid Shot is packed with the latest and greatest from First Endurance. It’s called a liquid shot because it doesn’t contain gelling agents that can slow down absorption and digestion.

Features include our exclusive 400-calorie supercharged endurance formula that boasts over 1500mg electrolytes, 1000mg amino acids and 100 grams of simple & complex carbohydrates, all in clinically effective doses. Plus, it’s packaged in an easy-to-use, resealable, refillable, and fully recyclable container. Also available in a 30-ounce refill.


What is EFS Liquid Shot?

EFS LS (liquid shot) is a new energy product that provides endurance athletes with the nutrients they need to fuel working muscles and increase endurance during exercise. The EFS formula utilizes the latest clinical research on endurance nutrition and input from some of the best endurance athletes in the world.

How is the EFS-LS different than most gels on the market?

Unlike the “gels” that are on the market, the EFS Liquid Shot does not contain any gelling agents, which slow down absorption and digestion. The EFS-LS also uses highly versatile and Eco-Friendly packaging that can be recycled and minimizes waste. EFS-LS delivers 400 super-charged calories that are fortified with over 1,500mg of electrolytes, 1,000mg amino acids and 100 grams of simple & complex carbohydrates- all in clinically effective doses.

I’ve heard that there are benefits to having protein during exercise. Why doesn’t EFS-LS contain protein?

EFS-LS contains 1g Free Form Amino Acids per serving which is the equivalent in BCAA and Glutamine profile to 5g Whey Protein. Protein naturally contains Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine. Clinical evidence that shows the benefits of Branched Chain Amino acids and Glutamine during exercise dates back to 1991. These clinical studies show supplementing with as little as 1g Free Form Amino Acids improves performance, reduces post-exercise muscle damage, improves muscle glycogen resynthesis, reduces central fatigue and improves rate of perceived exertion.

The First Endurance Research Board sides with the abundance of clinical studies supporting improved endurance performance while supplementing with Amino Acids during exercise. In addition to the clinical research, other factors lead to a decision to use these Free Form Amino Acids over complete proteins.

  • Proteins are more difficult to digest than Amino Acids during exercise
  • Proteins take longer to get absorbed than Amino Acids
  • Proteins don’t taste very good during exercise
  • Proteins can reduce the glycemic index of a drink, further reducing its ability to be quickly absorbed
  • There is considerably more research that supports the benefits of Free Form Amino acids than complete proteins

What are the benefits of using EFS-Liquid Shot during exercise?

The benefits of EFS Liquid Shot are:

  • Supplying fast and sustained energy for muscles
  • Improved fluid absorption
  • Reduced cramping and dehydration
  • Improved performance
  • Easy to digest and absorb
  • Improved glycogen resynthesis
  • Delayed central (mental) fatigue
  • Replenish electrolyte loss.

How long after I open an EFS-LS do I have before I need to consume it?

The timeline begins once you take your first swig of the EFS liquid shot. Following your first swig, EFS LS should be consumed within 24 hours.

What is the shelf life of EFS Liquid Shot?

The EFS liquid shot-shelf life is dependent on use. The jug, when poured into a flask or any other container is stable for 18 months from the date of manufacture. The expiration date is listed on the bottom. This shelf life is based on room temperature, though First Endurance does recommend refrigeration as an additional precaution. The flask shelf-life starts the minute you put your lips to the bottle. Because this introduces bacteria and because this is typically done during hot training sessions, First Endurance recommends consumption within 24 hours. Following your workout you can clean the flask and re-fill from the Jug.

Can I re-use the flask?

Yes, the EFS Liquid Shot flask is re-sealable, and refillable. Re-using the flask is eco-friendly because it minimizes waste. The EFS-LS flask can be cleaned in the dish washer. First Endurance offers a large 32oz Jug that can be used to re-fill flasks. The EFS Liquid Shot flask is also recyclable.

How long does the large 32oz Jug last and how do I store it?

The large jug will refill six (6) flasks. It comes with an 18 month shelf-life and should be stored in a cool place once it’s been opened. Once the flask is filled it should be consumed within 24 hours unless it is stored in a refrigerator.

How does it taste?

EFS-LS is a light, great-tasting product that’s sweetened and flavored with 100% natural ingredients. Because EFS does not use gelling agents, the consistency is much more fluid making it easier to absorb and improves palate.

What flavor is the EFS Liquid Shot

Currently, the only flavor available is Vanilla. First Endurance plans to introduce additional flavors of the EFS Liquid Shot later in 2010.

How much EFS-LS should I use during my training and racing?

Clinical research shows that athletes should consume about 200 calories, >1000mg Amino Acids, 400-600mg sodium and equivalent balance in all electrolytes should be taken every hour during exercise. EFS-LS is designed to maximize all these levels. At this rate a flask is sufficient for a two hour exercise bout. Because athletes vary greatly in their caloric demands it is best to try different levels to see which level works best for you.

Am I suppose to use the EFS liquid shot, EFS drinks or the bars, how do they differ?

First Endurance offers EFS drinks, EFS bars and EFS Liquid Shots. Depending on your exercise time and personal nutritional requirements, you can use one, two or all three of the EFS products together, as a system, to maximize endurance and performance during exercise. The EFS product line was designed so you use the EFS drinks as your foundation, then add calories and electrolytes by adding EFS liquid shot and EFS bars.

What types of athletes should be taking EFS-LS?

The following symptoms will all benefit from use of EFS 1) Athletes who experience cramping from strenuous exercise. 2) All athletes who demand rapid fluid absorption in order to stay hydrated. 3) Athletes who want all the benefits of protein without the heavy/chalky consistency of protein drinks. Essentially any athlete exercising for one hour or more will benefit from the use of EFS in their training and racing.

Should I use EFS-LS even when it’s cold, like during XC ski races?

Cold weather sports still put a considerable fluid and electrolyte demand on the athlete. EFS works just as well in the cold as is the heat. The high sodium content in EFS may even help reduce the drinks propensity to freeze. (this has not been tested).

Should I use EFS in short races?

Short races generally don’t put a heavy demand on your glycogen, carbohydrate stores, given that you are well nourished prior to the start of the race. During a short race athletes can be slowed significantly from cramping and electrolyte imbalance. A serving of EFS can be used 15-30 minutes prior to a short race to assure adequate carbohydrates and electrolytes are available for the intense effort. Short race is defined as one lasting less than one hour.

Should I use EFS in long races?

During long races (3 hours+) considerable stress is put on an athlete’s body. 1) Glycogen (energy) stores are depleted 2) cells experience damage from cellular oxidation 3) electrolytes are depleted and 4) amino acids are depleted. 1) EFS replenishes glycogen by using a mix of high glycemic carbohydrates including both simple and complex sugars. This easy to digest mix is rapidly absorbed and delivers fast and long term energy. 2) EFS provides the most potent electrolyte profile available. The combination of all five electrolytes deliver a potent 1500mg per serving, helping to prevent cramping. The 400mgs sodium per serving also aids in maximum fluid absorption so you stay hydrated throughout your training and racing. Supplementing with additional salt tabs, electrolyte tabs, or salty snacks is no longer needed when using EFS. 5) 1000mg of Amino Acids offers the same BCAA and Glutamine levels as 5g Whey Protein. These amino acids have clinically shown to improve performance, reduced post-exercise muscle damage, improve muscle glycogen resynthesis, reduced central fatigue and improved rate of perceived exertion.

What’s the carbohydrate source in EFS-LS?

EFS replenishes glycogen by using a mix of high-glycemic carbohydrates including both simple and complex sugars. This easy-to-digest mix is rapidly absorbed and delivers fast and long term energy. Clinical research shows that mixing carbohydrates sources is far superior to any single source of carbohydrates.

The carbohydrate blend is maltodextrin, glucose, sucrose.

I am prone to cramping during longer training and racing. Will EFS Liquid Shot help me with cramping problems?

Nutritionally cramping stem from electrolyte imbalance, electrolyte depletion and/or dehydration. EFS LS provides the most potent electrolyte profile available. The combination of all five electrolytes deliver a potent 1500mg per serving, helping to prevent cramping. The 400mgs sodium per serving also aids in maximum fluid absorption so you stay hydrated throughout your training and racing. Supplementing with additional salt tabs, electrolyte tabs, or salty snacks is no longer needed when using EFS-LS.

How many servings are in a container of EFS?

The 5oz flask contains one serving. The 32oz Bulk Jug is enough to fill six flasks.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Each flask 5oz (130ml)

  Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories-400 Calories from fat-0
Total Carbohydrate (Complex carbohydrates, Dextrose, Sucrose) 100g 33%
Sugars 50g **
Calcium (as Calci-K™ calcium complex) 150mg 15%
Magnesium (as Magnachel™ magnesium glycine amino acid chelate) 120mg 30%
Chloride 600mg *
Sodium 400mg 25%
Potassium 290mg 8%
Amino Acid Blend (L-Glutamine, Leucine, Iso-Leucine, Valine) 1,000mg *
*Daily Value Not Established**Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients: Purified water, natural flavors, citric acid, sorbic acid and sodium benzoate (to preserve freshness).

Calci-K™ and Magnachel™ are registered trademarks of Albion Laboratories Inc, covered by US Patents 6599544, 6248376, 5516925

*Natural flavors, sweeteners and colors

**No Gums

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