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HED Jet 6 Plus Carbon Clincher

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Perhaps the most versatile wheels in the entire HED line, the Jet series got even sweeter!

How so? The 4, 6, 9, and disc all received our new 25mm Plus rim design, just like the Ardennes Plus. This rim section is the next evolution of C2 technology, which broke ground in 2007 with a 23mm-wide rim. Wide rims carry a host of benefits including better aerodynamics, better handling, and increased tire volume for improved ride quality and rolling speed. Riders everywhere are choosing fatter tires, and our Plus rims are the perfect match.

The Jet 6 Plus is ideal for almost any style of riding – road race, criterium, triathlon, Gran Fondo, or whatever you can throw at it. The 60mm deep rim and Stability Control Technology result in stable handling, and a big dose of True Speed. The Jet 6 Plus can be used as a front/rear matched pair, or in combination with other rims – such as a front Jet 4 or rear Jet 9.


  • Rim Type: CLINCHER
  • Rim Depth: 60mm
  • Rim Width: 25mm
  • Internal Rim Width: 21mm
  • Braking Surface: Standard CNC alloy
  • Recommended Brake Pad: Standard alloy pad
  • Hub Model: Hed Sonic
  • Hub Compatibility: Shimano/Campy 9, 10, 11
  • Build and Spokes: 18/24 std or 20/28 Stallion
  • Spoke Type: Bladed steel
  • Powertap Option: YES
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Wheel Set Weight: 1,698g
  • Recommended Tire Size: 22mm+
  • Includes: Steel Skewers,Valve Extenders,Rim Tape

Technical Notes

  1. For all types of bicycle wheels, a hard strike on the rim is likely to result in rim damage. At the point of impact, an aluminum rim will dent, and a carbon rim may delaminate. With any such damage to a Hed wheel, our lifetime crash replacement policy enables the original owner to repair or replace the wheel at substantial savings.
  2. Tire pressure = 100psi MAX
  3. We do NOT recommend hanging a bike equipped with Jet wheels from hooks - this can damage the carbon skin and will not be covered under warranty.


Hiring race wheels from TITAN is easy!

It’s an efficient and effective way of achieving top level aerodynamics without having to spend a fortune on carbon wheels. Below is a summary of the 4 easy steps to hire race wheels:

1. Browse through the various wheels on the Race Wheel Hire page. Specifications and product details for each hire wheelset can be found by clicking on each of the wheelset images on the Race Wheel Hire page. No other wheelset is currently available to hire - all of the hire wheelsets that we offer are included in the list. Should it be required, you can choose to hire a single wheel. If this is the case please Contact Us and one of our experienced team will assist you.

2. Once you have decided on a particular wheelset fill out the details / variants that appear on the right hand side of the main product images. We will then receive notification of your order. Alternatively, you can Contact Us, email or phone (08) 8296 5274 to check availability, book/reserve the wheels for your selected hire period or ask our experienced team any questions or queries. Payment will be taken via credit card. By conducting the transaction you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and accept all Hire Terms & Conditions.

3. Your hire race wheels will be available for collection from the event location (where applicable) approximately 3 days prior to the event, or preferably they can be collected from TITAN Triathlon Multisport located at Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road, Hove, SA, 5048. The wheels will arrive supplied with:

  • Tyres already installed
  • Inner tubes already installed
  • Cassette already installed (if applicable)
  • Skewers supplied

Upon collection of your selected race wheels you will need to install the wheels on your bike, pump up the tyres to your desired pressure and ensure that the gears are shifting smoothly. It is important to ensure that your brakes are effective. We recommend road testing the wheels prior to your event!

4. Returning the wheels to us is simple; return them to us at the event location (where applicable) the day following the event or bring them back to TITAN Triathlon Multisport (as per above address). The wheels need to arrive back to us within the agreed rental period.

It's that easy!!!


How do I book my wheels?

Select the wheelset that is right for you and your event. Complete our online booking process or contact our experienced team by phone (08 8296 5274) or email (, if preferred. Please refer to HOW TO HIRE for further information.

When is the deadline to order hire race wheels?

The last day you can place an order to hire race wheels is the Friday a week before your race weekend. We cannot guarantee availability if you order at this late date. Should you not be able to find the wheelset you desire please Contact Us and one of our experienced team will assist you with alternative options.

How long is the hire period?

Our standard hire period is 7 days, although for a small additional fee you can hire the race wheels for 14 days. Should you wish to hire the race wheels for a period in excess of 14 days please Contact Us and we will tailor a solution that meets all our needs.

When will the race wheels I have hired be shipped?

Due to the fragile nature of carbon wheelsets we do not post wheels. Your hire race wheels be will be available for collection at the event location (where applicable) approximately 3 days before the event.

If you're in Adelaide we suggest that you attend TITAN Triathlon Multisport located at Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road, Hove, 5048, to personally collect your hire wheels. 

What are my shipping options?

Due to the fragile nature of carbon wheelsets we do not post wheels. Your hire race wheels be will be available for collection at the event location (where applicable) approximately 3 days before the event.

If you're in Adelaide we suggest that you attend TITAN Triathlon Multisport located at Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road, Hove, 5048, to personally collect your hire wheels. 

What race wheels will I receive?

Our hire fleet currently consists of various Ronin, Zipp and HED wheelsets. You can select the model of race wheel you wish to hire by browsing the Race Wheel Hire page. Occasionally, due to inventory flow and large hire volume, we will need to make substitutions, but we will always provide you with the best possible race wheelset (suited to your needs). A certain wheel brand cannot be guaranteed, nor can we honour requests for specific models. Should your specific request not be available our team will work with you to get you riding on the best race wheels available. Price variations may apply.

How much does it cost to hire race wheels?

Prices are based on the standard hire period of 7 days and vary depending on the make/model of race wheel you have selected. Please refer to the specific race wheel product descriptions for details on each make/model of wheelset. Race wheel hire prices are listed as a wheelset based on the standard hire period of 7 days. The range of hire wheelsets can be viewed on the Race Wheel Hire page.

What do I need to do once they arrive?

Your hire race wheels arrive with tyres, cassette (if applicable) and skewers. They arrived ready to install on your bike and road test. We recommend that you ride your bike with the hire race wheels prior to race day to ensure that gears change smoothly, brake pads/surfaces are aligned correctly and that you feel confident to ride, accelerate, brake and manoeuvre on the wheels. Please be aware that deep dish carbon wheels (especially the front wheel) can be susceptible to wind gusts. Whilst they offer greater aerodynamics, speed and efficiency they also alter the handling of your bike.

Do I need insurance?

We offer our hire race wheels with or without the option of insurance. Accidents can and do happen. Large pot holes, gutters and crashes have the potential to cause damage to the hire race wheels. This is where insurance offers you protection! We recommend insurance otherwise you will be responsible for all wheel/tyre/cassette damage and replacement costs of a new wheel or two! The insurance option is available for selection when you select your desired wheelset and complete the relevant transaction details.

What if I damage the hire race wheels?

All wheelsets are assessed for damage prior to them being sent out to you for hire. Our expert team complete a Hire Wheel Wear & Tear Form and a copy of this form is included when the wheelset is sent to you. We ask that you thoroughly check the wheels to ensure you agree with our damage assessment as indicated on the Hire Wheel Wear & Tear Form. If you do not agree with our damage assessment, you must Contact Us immediately and before using the wheels. If we have not received any contact from you within 48 hours of shipping the wheelset it will be assumed that you acknowledge and agree with our damage assessment. Any damage not included on the Hire Wheel Wear & Tear Form will be deemed to have resulted after the wheelset had been received by you and you will be subject to the Hire Terms & Conditions.

If you have selected the insurance option, you will only be responsible for an excess of $1000 (as opposed to approximately $3000 to replace the wheelset should they both be damaged).

Please read the race wheel Hire Terms & Conditions if you are unsure. By continuing with your hire/ purchase transaction you are acknowledging your acceptance of the Hire Terms & Conditions and your responsibilities and liabilities contained within.

I'm thinking of booking tubulars- what happens if I puncture?

We suggest purchasing a canister of Vittoria PitStop. In the event of a puncture, simply insert the canister onto your value like a CO2 bulb and the tyre will inflate to approximately 80PSI along with a latex goo being injected into the tyre that seals the puncture and allows you to continue. We recommend that you thoroughly inspect the tyre inflation after using Vittoria PitStop to ensure that the tyre has inflated to a level that is suitable to ride. If you continue to ride and damage the rim you will be responsible for repair/replacement costs as per the Hire Terms & Conditions.

The canister of Vittoria PitStop is small enough to be easily taped under your saddle and out of the way. I

Do I need to purchase specific brake pads?

The short answer is no. All our carbon clincher and tubular wheelsets will be supplied with carbon specific brake pads. If you're in Adelaide we suggest that you attend TITAN Triathlon Multisport located at Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road, Hove, 5048, to personally collect your race hire wheels. 

Tubulars vs Clinchers – which should I choose?

Traditionally tubulars have been used for race wheels and clinchers often utilised for training, though ultimately the final decision should be based on your preference, comfort level and confidence level in changing a potential puncture. Clinchers are much lighter and faster than they were 10 years ago and nowadays many people feel they are just as fast.

How does the wind impact on the wheels and bike handling?

Lighter riders (less than 72kg) may not receive the full advantages of deeper wheels such as Zipp 808's / 1080's and discs in strong crosswinds. We recommend a lower profile rim combination (for example, the Gravity Zero 50mm / 85mm carbon clincher) for the lighter rider, especially if stronger winds are expected on the day of your event. We recommend that that you choose wheels that deliver the greatest aerodynamic advantage AND you can comfortably handle on your bike. Our experienced team can assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

Do I need to train on ‘race wheels’?

No, this is not a requirement. Training on heavier, less aerodynamic wheels will ensure that you are best prepared for race day. When you ride with the lighter more aerodynamic race wheels you will feel the difference and your legs will work in conjunction with the race wheels to deliver you the best power output and speed, coupled with wheel efficiency. We do suggest that you road test your hire race wheels prior to your event to ensure that you are comfortable with bike handling, the gears are changing smoothly and braking is adequate.

How do the aerodynamics of carbon race wheel work?

Greater aerodynamics (i.e. deeper wheels) always trump weight unless you are climbing, require multiple accelerations (crits/ circuit races) or you must contend with heavy crosswinds (which can present a problem to some riders). The front wheel is the most important for achieving an aerodynamic advantage, but is also most susceptible to being affected by wind. A rear wheel will contribute approximately 75% of what the front wheel delivers in aerodynamics. We recommend that you always select the most aerodynamic wheel you can comfortably handle.

Do you hire out single wheels?

Yes, we can provide single race wheels for hire. We offer single wheels at 75% of the price of a full booking. Please Contact Us to arrange a the hire of a single wheel.

How do I return my hire race wheels?

Hire race wheels can be returned in person to TITAN Triathlon Multisport located at Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road, Hove, SA, 5048, or by returning them to us at the event location (where applicable) the day after the event.

If we have not received your race wheelset within three (3) days of the end of your hire period we will charge your credit card for an additional seven (7) day hire period. If the wheels are not received within thirty (30) days of the end of your original hire period we will assume you wish to keep the wheels and you will be charged full RRP for replacement of the wheelset. This is in line with the Hire Terms & Conditions.



TITAN Triathlon Multisport
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048
PH (+61) 08 8296 5274


Download the Wheel Hire Returns Form.


These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your use of hire/rental products, equipment and/or any related parts or materials hired/rented from TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd, including but not limited to URL or (“our Website”) or from the TITAN Triathlon Multisport bricks and mortar store and form a binding contractual agreement between you, the user of our Website and us, TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd. For that reason, these Terms are important and you should ensure that you read them carefully and Contact Us with any questions before you hire/rent and use any products, equipment and/or other related parts or materials.

By using our website and/or conducting a transaction (either by website use,  phone, email or in person) to hire/rent products, equipment and/or any related parts or materials you acknowledge and agree that you have had sufficient chance to read and understand the Terms and you agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to the Terms, please do not use or continue to use our website or other means (phone, email, personal transaction) to hire/rent products, equipment and/or any related parts or materials.

Acknowledgement of risks and hazards waiver and assumption of risk:

The participant and (if the participant is under the age of 18 years of age his/her parent or legal guardian), voluntarily makes and grants this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISKS AND HAZARDS - WAIVER AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK in favour of TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd as partial consideration, in addition to monies paid to TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd, for the opportunity to use the products, equipment and/or any related parts or materials of TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd, and/or receive assistance, guidance, and/or instruction from employees and/or personnel of TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd.

I accept for use as is, the products, equipment and/or related parts or materials, and accept full responsibility for their care until returned to TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd. I understand and acknowledge that these products, equipment and/or related parts or materials are for personal use only.

Any damage to the products, equipment and/or related parts or materials beyond reasonable wear and tear, up to and including TOTAL LOSS, will be my responsibility for which I agree to compensate TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd. I authorise TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd to charge my credit card for repair or replacement up to the full recommended retail price (RRP) of the products, equipment and/or related parts or materials. If the insurance option is selected for race wheel hire then an excess of $1000 only will be applicable. Selecting the insurance option only covers damage sustained whilst riding, and does not cover damage or destruction caused at any other time. TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd agrees to rebate any portion of such charge not necessary to satisfy my obligations under this agreement at the time of return or promptly after the cost of repairing any such excess damage has been determined. Tubular tyres that are punctured will incur a $50 charge and I agree for TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd to charge my credit card on return of hired equipment. I agree to all the Hire Terms & Conditions outlined in the FAQS section of the Race Wheel Hire webpage.

I agree any products, equipment and/or related parts or materials not return shipped to TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd by within three (3) days of the hire/rent period will be subject to another seven (7) day rental period unless otherwise approved by TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd. I am aware that all orders come with free one way shipping. I agree that by default the cost of return shipping is solely my responsibility (cost approximately $40-$60) and failure to return any products, equipment and/or related parts or materials after thirty (30) days from the end of the original hire period will incur a charge of the full recommended retail price (RRP) of any product, equipment and/or related parts or materials. I authorise TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd to charge my credit card for the manufacturers RRP for any products, equipment and/or related parts or materials hired.

Performance of the products, equipment and/or related parts or materials, or any malfunctions or shortcomings of the products, equipment and/or related parts or materials while in the my (the customers) possession, is not the responsibility of TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd and I free them from all and any liability.

I understand and recognise that both recreational and competitive cycling events (inclusive of triathlon) and the use of cycling equipment are inherently dangerous, and that there are certain risks, dangers and perils connected with such use. I fully understand and acknowledge the use of carbon aerodynamic wheel sets as they relate to acute handling needs, and speed increases during an event and training. Moreover, I am completely aware of stability issues associated with cross winds, and wind gusts, which could affect me during my use of any wheels provided by TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd.

I hereby acknowledge and which I fully understand, AND WHICH NEVERTHELESS ACCEPT, ASSUME AND UNDERTAKE. I understand that TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd is in no way responsible for any and all risks of injury or death I may sustain while utilising TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd products, equipment and/or related parts or materials, and I agree to RELEASE, FOREVER DISCHARGE, INDEMINIFY, DEFEND, AND HOLD HARMLESS TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd, its owners, employees, representatives , agents, and their respective agents, estates, heirs, executors, administrators, assigns and others, as well as the related equipment manufacturers, distributors, and their respective representatives (all hereafter RELEASEES), from any and all losses, damages, costs and legal fee's resulting from any and all claims and or suits for personal injury, death and/or property or other damage that may in any way arise from my use of TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd products, equipment and/or related parts or materials, or reliance on TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd actions or representations, and my participation in cycling, triathlon, recreational or competition, or related activities. I understand that the Releasees are not responsible for the consequences of their own negligence that is their failure to use reasonable care in any way.

I understand that this agreement is binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns. I also understand that if any part of this agreement is determined to be unenforceable, all other parts shall be given full force and effect. I agree that there have been no warranties given to me, express or implied, which extend beyond the specific description of the products, equipment and/or related parts or materials on this form and website.

I have read the above paragraphs and fully understand them. I understand that this is a FULL AND FINAL RELEASE OF LIABILITY, which will legally prevent me or any other person from filing suit or making any other claims for damages against the RELEASEES in the event of personal injury, death or property damage arising from my use of the equipment. I further warrant that I have been offered manufacturers or other suitable literature via the website for all of TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd products, equipment and/or related parts or materials and have been given an opportunity to fully inspect and ask questions concerning TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd products, equipment and/or related parts or materials, which in each instance have been answered to my satisfaction, and that I freely and voluntarily enter into this agreement. I have made no misrepresentations to TITAN Performance Group Pty Ltd regarding my name, age or medical condition.

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Shipping & Returns Policy

Order with confidence!
TITAN Performance Group is committed to our 'signature' customer service and satisfaction. If you receive any products or merchandise that you are not satisfied with, simply return it to us within 30 days in the condition that you received it and we will happily exchange the size or refund your purchase*.

Any items returned outside of this period (unless faulty) or items returned damaged or soiled (unless faulty) will be the responsibility of the customer to retrieve. TITAN Performance Group will not pay to return these items to you.

Return Terms and Conditions
Returns must be in as new condition with tags attached unless faulty. Due to health regulations, we are unable to exchange or refund on any underwear or ear ring purchase unless faulty within the manufacturer's warranty period. We recommend sending returns via registered post as we do not accept responsibility for lost items. Gift cards and promo codes cannot be applied to exchanges. Returns must be made within the timeframe listed (30 days) unless faulty. Size exchange requests are subject to availability of stock. Should your size request be unavailable a refund will be provided. TITAN Performance Group does not accept cash as a form of payment and takes no responsibility for cash sent via post.

All items returned for refund or exchange must be returned in the original condition with tags attached (unless faulty). Please ensure all returned clothing items are free from marks, stains and rips as they may not be accepted for return if received damaged (unless faulty).

Boxed/Packaged Goods: When returning boxed or packaged goods please ensure you pack them inside a satchel and do not attach anything to the outside of the original packaging. Should the packaging be marked or in unsatisfactory condition there may be a chance that we will not accept your return.

Underwear and Earrings: Due to hygiene reasons TITAN Performance Group is not able to accept returns on underwear or earrings unless faulty.

Swimwear: Swimwear can be returned if it is unworn, and in its original condition with all tags and protection stickers attached. We recommend trying on swimwear over underwear as soiled items will not be accepted for return and will be returned to you at your own expense.

Wetsuits: When returning wetsuits the product information and folding guide must be followed. If you did not receive the folding guide, please contact customer service. Badly creased wetsuits may not be accepted for return unless faulty. Please refer to the XTERRA Wetsuits returns policy for specific details.

During peak returns periods, TITAN Performance Group cannot guarantee returns will be processed within 3 days. If a size exchange is required we recommend placing a new order online and returning your original items for refund to avoid exchange items selling out.

Promotional discount offers will be honoured when exchanging size, but in the case your size request is unavailable or a refund is requested promotional offers will not be extended to your new order. Any free promotional items should be returned along with your order.

*Sale items can be returned after 30 days if the product is faulty under warranty or the incorrect item was received.

Faulty Item Returns
All repairs are carried out by the manufacturer and not by TITAN Performance Group. In some cases, faulty items cannot be repaired and a replacement or refund will be offered. TITAN Performance Group cannot control the availability of parts of replacement goods.

TITAN Performance Group has no control over manufacturer warranty periods, nor can we control repair periods and cannot advise what they will be. We will however do everything we can to ensure your faulty item is handled as quickly as possible and that you are informed throughout the process. In cases where you have returned goods directly to the manufacturer, TITAN Performance Group cannot be held accountable for repair periods or communication from the manufacturer.

Faulty items may be returned outside of the regular returns time frames providing the item is still under warranty. Please contact customer service ( or the brand directly for warranty periods.

We aim to have your return processed within 3 days of receiving the item, however some faults must be approved by the manufacturer before a refund or replacement can be issued. This process usually takes around 1-4 weeks.

Watch and Wetsuit returns: Each manufacturer may have different warranty periods or service standards for faulty items. TITAN Performance Group works closely with its brands to ensure faulty items are dealt with promptly, but we have no control over the repairs or assessment process for warranty issues. In most cases, products returned in used condition will be repaired instead of replaced and will not be refunded unless repair is impossible. Any items returned outside of the warranty period will generally incur a charge for the repair. For more information on your products warranty, please contact the brand directly.

GoPro Returns: Please ensure you have visited the GoPro Support site before contacting TITAN Performance Group about your GoPro. Many questions and issues can be resolved here:

Here's how to have a hassle-free refund or exchange:

  1. Please complete the returns form below within 30 days of purchase. (If you would prefer not to enter your credit card details then please tick one of the credit card boxes on the form. Please note that if you have requested a credit card call that we work on Australian Central Daylight Time, so if you are in a significantly different time zone then the call may be quite late/early your time).
  2. Indicate whether an exchange or refund is required for each item returned.
  3. Please package the item/s in the same way they arrived to you. Include a copy of the returns form with the parcel. Please do not mark shoeboxes with tape or stamps. An easy way to return is to turn the courier bag the items arrived in, inside out and reuse this to return items.
  4. We recommend that you send your return via a registered post delivery service, as we cannot accept responsibility for any items lost in transit.
  5. Please mark the outside of the box and the customs form (only required if sending from outside Australia) 'Goods being returned to manufacturer ' to avoid any delays and charges with customs. We cannot be responsible for any charges occurring from this being omitted.
  6. We aim to process all returns within 3 working days of receipt. If you are in a hurry for the replacement item then we recommend that you order the needed item from our website immediately and return the unwanted item for a refund rather than waiting for an exchange.
  7. If you believe an item to be faulty then we strongly recommend that you contact us before returning the item to us. This way we can determine the fault. Please refer to the Faulty Items Returns information above.
  8. Please note that you will be charged outbound postage for exchanges unless the original item was faulty or despatched incorrectly. On these rare occasions any replacement item/s would be sent free of charge and you would be refunded for the cost of returning the item.

Please send returns to:
TITAN Performance Group
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048

Phone: (08) 8296 5274

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