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Global Partnership Announcement - Stronger Together

TITAN & Tri Travel - Stronger Together

TITAN Performance Group and Tri Travel are pleased to announce that they have entered into a new partnership that will see the two companies flourish and grow together in the future.

Their aligned values and beliefs, along with a love of sport, business, travel and customer service, will see the two companies work together to develop high quality products and services in the multisport space.

The partnership is an exciting future prospect for athletes, supporters, coaches and event organisers, as combined, the two companies cover all aspects of multisport, events, training, competition and travel.

For 20 years, Tri Travel have provided seamless travel management designed to deliver peak sporting performance, and TITAN Performance Group hold these same values in helping and empowering athletes to achieve their goals. 

Together this partnership will bring together a fusion of bespoke services, products and experiences that will be unique in the multisport industry.

Like Tri Travel, TITAN Performance Group is run by athletes, for athletes. It is our combined belief that by supporting and growing sporting participation levels, the wider community also flourishes and benefits through the positive and encouraging messages this portrays. Empowering people to achieve their goals is our motivation, and by partnering with like-minded companies, all our stakeholders benefit.

The partnership between Tri Travel and TITAN Performance Group is an exciting prospect for the multisport industry, as together, they will develop unique and exclusive services and products that will benefit not only athletes, but the industry as a whole.

We are Stronger Together.

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