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Josh Randall; expert level social advocate.

Often in this day and age we hear people spruiking the concepts of 'social responsibility', 'sustainable living' and 'giving back to the community'. In a world where time has become such a precious commodity and with people often finding themselves short changed, we'd argue there's far too few people who are deeply and genuinely embracing and living this ethos; doing more for others than themselves.

American First Nations horticulturist and #teamTITAN2018 Athlete Josh Randall is without question one of these special people; inspiring, humble and living his life as a catalyst for social change and community support.

Some 10 years ago Josh relocated from North America to Australia. He now finds himself living within remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory employed by DICE Australia ( Josh has been leading the charge and assisting green-thumb Aboriginal workers in a remote outback community. His simple teaching; from little things big things grow.

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Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation has set up a market garden at Wogyala, 140km by road from Tennant Creek. With Josh’s guidance, about 10 local people are growing tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers and herbs, such as coriander, parsley, basil, oregano and rosemary. Supported and led by Josh's expertise, encouraging nature and professionalism, Aboriginal workers are being trained in horticulture and construction, and a nutritional program has been set up at Rockhampton Downs School.

More recently, in collaboration and partnership with ON Running ( and TITAN Performance Group, Josh was provided the opportunity to play an integral role in delivering tangible community support. A donation of ON Running shoes was made to the children of the community of Wogyala, Northern Territory. 

Josh has worked on healthy living in both sport and food for the community and his tireless efforts have proved so very fruitful for his community. His sporting achievements have without question inspired the children. With the recent donation of ON Running shoes, the children have been able to participate in the Northern Territory Regional Athletics Championships in Tennant Creek and the Deadly Fun Run National Championships in Uluru wearing world-class, market leading footwear. 

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As a supporter and sponsor of Josh, our TITAN team is so very proud of his work on the sporting field, but also very thankful and sincerely appreciative for his social pursuits of creating healthier and stronger Indigenous communities for now and into the future.

Josh, we take our hats (and shoes!) off to you.


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DICE originally stood for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Electrical as Raymond Pratt, founder of DICE, followed his early dream of using his qualification as an Electrician to build a successful business. Although the early success of DICE was built off the back of being a successful electrical contracting company, Raymond realised that to build the company of his dreams, a company that would be the vehicle to make a positive difference, that DICE would need to evolve and step outside the realm of electrical contracting.

DICE is still an industry leader in the field of electrical contracting but the company name and brand DICE, now stands for so much more. DICE has become a multi facet, ever evolving platform delivering work in all aspects of the construction industry. By working with and teaming with other industry leaders in their field and continuing to find people and companies who share similar visions and values, the dream has now become a reality. DICE as an acronym can have several different meanings with none more important than DICE: Dedicated to Indigenous Communities and Employment.

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