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My Club Kit

No minimum order. Simple. Fast. Convenient. Club kit delivered to your door. It's that easy!

Wear your club kit loud and proud!

Working with some of the best athletes and researchers to ensure your club kit is of the best quality, durability and comfort, we tailor apparel to meet your specific needs. We provide a global custom apparel service and deliver to all countries with our trusted shipping partners.

We provide free design services, there's no setup fees, no need for your committee to collate orders or chase member payments. Club members can order online, from anywhere at anytime, and your order will be delivered to your door in 4-6 weeks.

Club Discounts available when Bulk Ordering.

Contact Us for more information - we're here to help you feel good and look great! 

Here's a snapshot of apparel to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Aaron Buchan Multisport
    Aaron Buchan Multisport
  • Adelaide Coffee Culrure
    Adelaide Coffee Culrure
  • Adelaide Triathlon Club
    Adelaide Triathlon Club
  • AP10 Triathlon Coaching
    AP10 Triathlon Coaching
  • ASF Yarra Triathlon Club
    ASF Yarra Triathlon Club
  • Atlas Multisport
    Atlas Multisport
  • Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Club
    Bathurst Wallabies Triathlon Club
  • BPM Multisport
    BPM Multisport
  • Bunbury Triathlon Club
    Bunbury Triathlon Club
  • Busselton Triathlon Club
    Busselton Triathlon Club
  • Canon Medical Club
    Canon Medical Club
  • Central Coast Triathlon Club
    Central Coast Triathlon Club
  • Crank Up Coaching
    Crank Up Coaching
  • Discovery Parks
    Discovery Parks
  • Dunsborough Run Club
    Dunsborough Run Club
  • East Coast Cycos
    East Coast Cycos
  • Gold Coast Run Nuts
    Gold Coast Run Nuts
  • High Performance Tri (HPT)
    High Performance Tri (HPT)
  • Hills Triathlon Club
    Hills Triathlon Club
  • i4 Coaching
    i4 Coaching
  • Invictus Pathway
    Invictus Pathway
  • Meteors Triathlon Club
    Meteors Triathlon Club
  • Murray Triathlon Club
    Murray Triathlon Club
  • Possibilitty Race Team
    Possibilitty Race Team
  • SM Endurance
    SM Endurance
  • Soul365 Fitness
    Soul365 Fitness
  • St Georges Tri Club
    St Georges Tri Club
  • Tempo Systems Triathlon Club
    Tempo Systems Triathlon Club
  • Thrive Sports Med
    Thrive Sports Med
  • Tuff'n'Up Tri Squad
    Tuff'n'Up Tri Squad
  • Victor Harbor Triathlon Club
    Victor Harbor Triathlon Club
  • Western Australia Police Triathlon Club
    Western Australia Police Triathlon Club

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