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TITAN is a family of like minded, passionate and positive people who strive to be the best they can be. It's really that simple. Our passion is our business, and our business is people. Every day we strive to deliver the best possible service, advice, products and experience to you... our valued customers, clients, friends and family and fellow athletes and lifestyle lovers.

Here's a snap shot of some of our team:


wade-duathlon1-150x150.jpgWade Burns,  Co-founder and Owner

With extensive experience in emergency, operational and strategic management, Wade combined his personal and professional passions of triathlon and business to forge the path for what is now TITAN Performance Group.

Wade has served as a Police Officer for nearly 20 years, being awarded the South Australia Police Service Medal, National Police Service Medal, National Medal, Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal and Canterbury Earthquake Citation for services rendered in the disaster zone of the 2011 Christchurch  Earthquake.

As an avid endurance sports enthusiast, Wade has completed multiple marathons (sub-3 hours), multiple IRONMAN events (PB of 9:32:22), is a 3 x IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Qualifier and has cycled from Adelaide to Melbourne, collectively raising more than $130,000 for CanTeen to help young Australians battling cancer. In 2017 he cycled more than 3000 km's in 15 days along the coast from Adelaide to Port Macquarie to the start line of IRONMAN Australia - not the 'normal' taper!

In 2012 Wade was awarded the Australian Institute of Management Prize for highest subject mark internationally (98%) for Business Management and holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Applied Management and is undertaking the remaining subjects of his Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Wade is a Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and former finalist for the Pride of Australia Medal.

Wade is married to Jade (yes, true story!), has two young boys, Kyte and Jax, and enjoys family time, training, watching movies and exploring the world.

Travis HowTravis How, Co-owner & Director

Travis has extensive business management experience having owned and operated several businesses for over 15 years. These include an environmental consultancy business and a commercial landscaping company. Combined with a passion for all things sport, Travis is committed to developing and growing TITAN Performance Group over the long-term.

A highly qualified ecologist, Travis completed a PhD in environmental science before commencing his business career.

Never quite fitting the academic mould, Travis spent time with the State Government before starting his environmental consultancy business. He has grown this particular business from one staff member to now employing more than 25 people.

Travis is drawn to the challenge of endurance sport completing his first (and only straight marathon) in 2011 and his first ironman in 2012. Having now completed nine full IRONMAN events, including the Hawaiian IRONMAN World Championships in 2017, a range of half IRONMAN events and an ultra marathon, Travis is well and truly hooked on testing the body and the mind. In 2017 Travis was also part of The Ride 2K17 team that cycled more than 3000 km's in 15 days along the coast from Adelaide to Port Macquarie to the start line of IRONMAN Australia (Travis did take the short cut and start in Melbourne), consequently qualifying for Kona….who does that!

Travis is married to Kristy, has three kids, plenty of animals and enjoys spending time with the family, being outside and exploring the natural beauty of the world around us!

Travis HowDarren Buckby, Business Development Manager

Bringing a diverse set of qualities and attributes honed across careers in both the fabric industry, Fire & Rescue Service and more recently retail, Darren has the experience to support, nurture and develop the Titan customer base.

As a textile technology graduate, Darren has worked in several overseas roles developing strong relationships with a range of key supply chain businesses with an emphasis on delivering the highest quality garments in terms of both performance and value.

A move to the Fire & Rescue Service (UK) gave Darren the opportunity to develop his leadership and management skills at both operational and strategic levels, underpinned with a post graduate management degree.

Following a family move to Adelaide in 2013, Darren has been able to combine his life long passion for cycling, taking up roles within the cycle retail industry with a specific focus on road and triathlon as well as being a qualified bike fitter.

Darren is also the owner of a thriving personal training business with an occasional spin class being taught when time permits!!!

Cycling is still a very prominent aspect of Darren’s life, having raced from the age of 8 and still competing in road, criterium and cyclocross disciplines; a one time Ironman finisher and a couple of marathons have also been added across the years.....

Travis HowScott MacLean, Corporate Development Manager

Following a highly successful 25+ year career in the global financial markets where he travelled extensively as an Executive Director with Goldman Sachs in the Australian Equity business, Scott has recently relocated from Sydney to Adelaide to now refocus on family and lifestyle.

While Scott would modestly proclaim he has a “mid pack at best” ability in triathlon, he’s completed 5 full IRONMAN events and a plethora of Long Course races over the last 10 years. Scott’s passion for triathlon has been evident through his involvement in and focus on grassroots participation in the multi-sport space.

Scott is a true believer and advocate for ‘community spirit’ and goes above and beyond to delivery key outcomes that provide and promote greater participation in healthy living.

Scott’s extensive background, experience and proven ability in business management and client relationships, along with his enthusiasm, passion for ‘lifestyle’ and the love of delivering a great product and service to the community (locally and nationally), sees him driving TITAN’s key corporate and club objectives. His down to Earth and very approachable demeanour makes him a perfect fit to help TITAN deliver the best services and products in the business.

Scott is Married to Shelley of 12 years and has two sons, Cameron and Zac, who are also heavily involved in all type of sports – some say too many!

Travis HowKirsty Foster, Support & Service Officer

A former hairdresser of 15 years, Kirsty took her trade overseas specialising in men’s Barbering in the business district of London. With her profession at her fingertips, Kirsty travelled and enjoyed making new friends and embracing new cultures and experiences.

Returning to Australia and looking for a new challenge, Kirsty commenced with Virgin Australia where she loved being part of the guest experience and sharing the joy of travel.

Now a Mum to three very energetic children, a dog , a cat and three turtles, Kirsty has certainly become a logistical expert and leads a full life. Kirsty loves time out in the garden with nature , enjoys weekend kids sports and a nice glass of wine!

She enjoys meeting new people and strives to make the customer experience one to remember.

ianduncan1.jpgBrett Crosby, Event Manager

Brett has more than 25+ years sporting and business experience. In 2012 he retired from an Amateur Golf career highlighted by winning the 1999 SA Amateur Championship along with multiple other State championship wins.

As a former state captain, Brett was included in the Australian Amateur squad in 1997 and competed in the US in 1995 & 1996. He is a 35 year member of the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club and still plays from scratch.

Since retirement from golf, Brett has found a passion for running, cycling and his now enthusiasm for triathlon. He has completed several road and trail marathons, multiple IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 distance events along with being awarded the 2012 Australian Duathlon Champion in the 40-44 AG.

As an avid cyclist, Brett rode sub 10 hours for the 2016 Peaks Challenge Falls Creek (240km).

Brett has worked in the sporting goods industry for 20+ years and has successfully represented brands including Adidas, Dunlop, Slazenger, Titleist & FootJoy. He is currently the owner of Detour Sports which is the Australian Distributor for US brands Orange Mud, Lily Trotters, Tiger Tail and Run Guards.

With two teenage children, Brett’s partner in crime, Angela, is an avid Ultra-Marathoner and also competes in IRONMAN 70.3 events. They enjoy a shared sense of adventure in travelling and racing around Australia.

ianduncan1.jpgIan Duncan, Chief Financial Officer

With over 40 years of experience within the fields of economics, accountancy and SME advisory, Ian Duncan is a stalwart and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Holding a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Adelaide and as qualified facilitator with Mindshop, Ian brings wisdom and scrutiny to TITAN Performance Group. He embodies 4 keys roles; operator, steward, strategist and catalyst.

Ian’s experience extends across 6 years with KPMG through to 23 years with Deloitte; 15 of those years working with large corporate clients and high wealth individuals as Partner in Charge, Business Services. More recently, Ian’s passion for business and consultancy saw him leave Deloitte and establish his own accounting firm with the specific aim of providing advisory services to SME’s. Now known as DMCA, Ian’s 15 years of commitment and leadership resulted in a 328% increase in staff before he retired in 2011.

Ian has been a contributing author to the Taxation Institute of Australia and has served on various committees including 10 years on State Council. Ian’s true passion is helping SME’s to grow their businesses, shape their overall strategy and direction, make them run more efficiently, perform better and become more profitable.

amber-pate.jpgAmber Pate, Customer Experience Specialist

Amber is a creative and caring person who sets her sights high. She thrives on seeing the progression and development of those around her and prides herself on being someone with outstanding customer service; underpinned and supported by her outgoing, energetic and hardworking nature.

Originally from a property in the Northern Territory, Amber’s passion for sport and the outdoors allowed for an easy transfer into triathlon.

Having previously successfully competed in Showjumping, Dressage and Hacking at a National level, Amber will be mixing it up on the 2017 Australian U23 Triathlon Series and aims to gain experience on the national racing platform whilst embedding and develop her skills in draft legal triathlon.

In addition to equestrian, from a young age Amber has competed at a National level in swimming. Together these two sports have taught her the values of commitment and compassion towards others; something she carries and personifies into all aspects of life. Alongside sport, Amber has a love for motorbikes, summer and the beach, but most of all spending time with family and friends.

Sonia.jpgSharmen Sultana, IT Specialist & Computer Engineer

Developing an early love for technology, Sonia followed her passion and graduated from the University of Dhaka with a Bachelor of Computer Science. She excelled in all aspects of computer engineering and coding and has found her niche in the creation of web based content across multiple e-platforms. With over a decade of experience, in addition to her coding expertise, Sonia brings a high degree of skill in the areas of development and customisation. She demonstrates attention to detail and innovative ways of achieving goals.

Hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sonia is the epitome of operating efficiently and effectively in a contemporary, global and multi-cultural business and social society. She brings diverse ideas and delivers essential input and contribution to the daily e-activities of TITAN’s operation.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, coding and increasing her experience and knowledge of all things technology based.



"The TITAN team are wonderful; like-minded and passionate people, and people that without triathlon, I would still have in my life. TITAN fills a hole that team sports left and they do it in a way that team sports never could. For that I am immensely grateful."

Nathan Shearer
Professional Triathlete
IRONMAN (AG) World Champion

"A fun, family oriented, passionate group of people improving the multi-sport experience for all level of athletes."

Owain Matthews
Age Group Triathlete
IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion

"The support TITAN give to the triathlon community is awesome. It's run by real people who genuinely care about the sport. It's a second family to me!"

Ben Shepherd
Age Group Triathlete
IRONMAN World Championship Qualifier

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