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Womens Vector Pro Fullsuit for Hire

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Size Guide

The all-new Vector Pro Fullsuit is more than just new looks. Based on the design of the original Vector Pro, worn in more Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races than any other wetsuit in the world, the Vector Pro improves on the qualities of buoyancy and speed of its predecessor. With the interior lined with X-FLEX LINER 2.0, the Vector Pro is easier to transition into and out of. Designed with upgraded neoprene, the Vector Pro provides more overall flexibility and buoyancy, giving swimmers a unique advantage.


10 mile open water swims where flexibility in arms and shoulders is needed.


FRONT: 5.0 mm-thick neoprene from neck to ankles 
BACK: 3 mm neoprene
ARMS/SHOULDERS: 1.5 mm Super GKA neoprene


6 anatomically-correct arm/shoulder panels allow for a natural range of motion in the swim stroke, for faster, smoother swimming with less effort. 
Lower-profile collar adds comfort and increased durability, ensuring that the suit stays intact and in place. 
X-MAX Seam Seal technology uses a triple layer of glue and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams
Size Chart Fitting Guide Care Guide

Size Chart

Care Guide

Thank you for choosing XTERRA WETSUITS! You have purchased the world’s fastest & most flexible brand of wetsuits. An XTERRA Wetsuit, worn by the world's elite triathletes and holds the world record for fastest swim while wearing a wetsuit. By reading this guide, you will extend the life and quality of your wetsuit.

Due to the high quality of neoprene and speed coating in our wetsuits, the material is delicate:

  • It can easily be penetrated.
  • Please use extreme caution when trying on and adjusting your wetsuit.

Suits with a rip in the neoprene are NOT valid for a refund, exchange, or warranty claim.

Please read this guide and SWIM in your suit before requesting an exchange! Your wetsuit will expand half of a size in the water!


  • Take caution when putting on your wetsuit.
  • Take your suit for a test swim in open water.
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each use.
  • Allow your suit to dry inside-out in a cool place; once dry, turn suit right-side-out.
  • Fold wetsuit in half over a thick hanger, hang on a padded wetsuit hanger, or properly fold your suit to store.


  • Pinch, pull, or use fingernails when putting on your wetsuit.
  • Zip your own wetsuit; ask for assistance from another person to avoid damage.
  • Swim in chlorinated water (unless it's your only option - be sure to thoroughly rinse with fresh water immediately after exiting water).
  • Leave wetsuit to dry in direct sunlight or heat as your suit can melt.
  • Fold, crumple, or improperly hang wetsuit; do not store inside-out.

Trial Period & 30-Day Return/ Exchange Policy

XTERRA Wetsuits is committed to sizing every customer correctly and ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.  We highly encourage you to swim in your wetsuit before making a final purchase decision.
  • All purchases made directly from XTERRA Wetsuits Australia (vide TITAN Performance Group) include a 30-day size guarantee to allow you to test the fit and performance of your wetsuit.
  • Size exchanges, models exchanges, and refunds will be accepted within 30-days from the date your order.
  • All returns and exchanges must be clean, dry, undamaged, unaltered, and properly folded.
  • You are responsible for the return shipping to XTERRA Wetsuits Australia (vide TITAN Performance Group), and we will cover the shipping on the exchange back to you, if the wetsuit is covered under the exchange policy.

Care & Storage

XTERRA Wetsuits are designed specifically for open water and triathlon swimming; they can be used in all open water swimming conditions.
  • We discourage the use of your XTERRA Wetsuits in chlorinated water as chlorine is corrosive and voids the warranty. If due to winter weather constraints this is the only way to ensure the correct sizing of your suit, please limit the time the suit is in the water and rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each use.
  • Avoid excess heat, sunlight exposure, sharp objects, and unnecessary folding.
  • Rinse your XTERRA Wetsuits thoroughly with fresh water after each use; hang to dry inside out on a thick hanger; if necessary, your wetsuit can be washed by hand with wetsuit-specific shampoo; do not dry your wetsuit in a dryer or in the sun.
  • Store in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.

Getting into your XTERRA Wetsuit

It is extremely important to take extreme caution when putting on your XTERRA Wetsuit to ensure that you do not tear it.  Please read the following instructions carefully to prevent tearing your new wetsuit.
  • It is easiest to put on a clean, dry wetsuit, so after each use make sure to properly rinse and hang your wetsuit.
  • Begin by putting your wetsuit on at your ankles. Work the material up in each leg of the suit towards the crotch starting at each ankle.
  • Once the wetsuit is all the way up (there isn’t a gap between your body and the wetsuit at your waist), begin putting your arms in the sleeves.
  • Adjust the arms by working any extra material beginning at the wrists up into your shoulders. There shouldn’t be any air pockets (gaps between your wetsuit and your armpit) in either armpit of the wetsuit; this can be checked by feeling under your armpit to determine whether or not the material is flush against your skin. If there are any air pockets, you must work more of the arm material into your shoulder starting from your wrist.
  • Have a second person help you zip your wetsuit. Ensure the interior zipper flap is flush against your back. One hand should always grasp the base of the zipper while the second hand zips your wetsuit up.
  • Once your wetsuit is zipped up, bend over 90 degrees and pull the ripples near your stomach out away from your body. Work the ripples up from there into your shoulders to increase comfort in your shoulder and neck area.
  • If you feel pressure at the front of your neck, repeat step #6 on the back of your wetsuit to alleviate any lingering pressure (until you get into the water, it may still feel a little tight).

Fitting & Sizing

If the neck feels too tight, here are a few suggestions to alleviate the tension:
  • A vast majority of the time, the wetsuit is simply brand new and the neoprene requires stretching out through use.
  • Often, users forget to properly adjust their wetsuit (as explained in “Getting into your XTERRA Wetsuit” - above); properly adjusting your wetsuit will alleviate the neck feeling overly tight.
  • Swim in your wetsuit! Your wetsuit will expand approximately half of a size once you get into the water, so please test it. Allow a little bit of water to enter through your neck to alleviate additional tension in the neck.
  • Ensure the wetsuit is as high as possible in the crotch area; next, make sure the arms of the wetsuit are worked up toward your shoulders adequately enough to allow for full arm extension above the head.
  • If you feel pressure on the front of your neck, bend over 90 degrees and pull the ripples near your stomach out away from your body. Work the ripples up from there into your shoulders to increase comfort in your shoulder and neck area. If you feel pressure at the front of your neck, repeat the previous step on the back of your wetsuit to alleviate any lingering pressure (until you get into the water, it may still feel a little tight).

If you think your wetsuit is the wrong size, here are a few indicators that it could be too big or too small:

Swim in your wetsuit; it will expand half of a size in the water! Take advantage of your opportunity to test your wetsuit in the water before making a final purchase decision.

Your wetsuit might be too big if:

  • The wetsuit has extra bunches of material in the stomach, legs, back, and under arms.
  • The wetsuit doesn’t feel snug on dry land; it doesn’t fit flush against your body everywhere.
  • There’s a gap between your lower back and the base of the zipper, forming an air pocket in which water can get trapped.

Your wetsuit might be too small if:

  • A second person is unable to zip your wetsuit up for you.
  • You struggle to get your wetsuit all of the way up in your crotch or neck.
  • You are unable to take a deep breath without struggling.
  • The wetsuit is pulling down on your shoulders since it feels too short in the torso.

2 Year Warranty

XTERRA Wetsuits are warranted against any manufacturing and material defects for two years from the date of purchase. Manufacturing defects covered under the two year warranty include seam tears or separations, stitching tears or separations, and gluing defects.  XTERRA Wetsuits Australia (vide TITAN Performance Group) retains the right to repair or replace valid warranty claims at their discretion.


XTERRA Wetsuits are designed as high performance open water swimming and triathlon wetsuits; these wetsuits are delicate. Fingernail and other minor tears from sharp objects are not a manufacturing defect. Minor tears like this will not affect the performance or integrity of the wetsuit whatsoever if it is repaired correctly. If not cared for correctly, other types of damage can also occur.


When is my wetsuit hire order deadline?

The last day you can place an order for a wetsuit hire is the Friday a week before your race weekend. We cannot guarantee availability if you order at this late date. We will contact you immediately if we do not have your wetsuit.

How long is the hire period?

Our standard hire period is 7 days, although for a small additional fee you can hire the wetsuit for 14 days. Should you wish to hire the wetsuit for a longer period please Contact Us and we will tailor a solution that meets all our needs.

When will the wetsuit I have hired be shipped?

Your hire wetsuit be will shipped at least 2 days before your wetsuit hire period is scheduled to start. If you are hiring a wetsuit at the last minute, we will do everything we can to get the wetsuits to you in time but cannot be responsible for any delays.

What are my shipping options?

We ship our wetsuits with Australia Post standard and express service. Because of our very competitive pricing and we also do not charge an upfront deposit, Postage is not included in the wetsuit hire. When you hire your wetsuit you will need to select a shipping option. 

What wetsuit model will I receive?

Our hire fleet consists of Vortex Sleeveless, Vortex Fullsuit, Vector Pro Fullsuit and Vengeance Fullsuit. You can select the model of wetsuit you wish to hire. Occasionally, due to inventory flow and large hire volume, we will need to make substitutions, but we will always provide you with the best possible wetsuit we have at hand. A certain wetsuit model cannot be guaranteed, nor can we honour requests for specific models. Should your specific request not be available our team will work with you to get you swimming in the best wetsuit available. Price variations may apply.

How much does it cost to hire a wetsuit?

Prices are based on the standard hire period of 7 days and vary depending on the model of wetsuit you have selected. Please refer to the specific wetsuit product descriptions for details on each model of wetsuit. Wetsuit hire prices are listed per model (based on the standard hire period of 7 days) as follows:

XTERRA Vortex Sleeveless $100
XTERRA Vortex Fullsuit $150
XTERRA Vector Pro Fullsuit $175
XTERRA Vengeance Fullsuit $200
How do I know what size to choose?

There is no need to worry or stress when choosing what size you need for your wetsuit hire. You can refer to the Size Chart and using your height and weight measurements determine the most suitable size wetsuit for you. When you receive your wetsuit, please try the wetsuit on in a cool environment and you will see that the wetsuit will be a good snug fit (which it is supposed to be), ensuring you get maximum performance out of your XTERRA Wetsuit.

For any questions, please email and one of our expert team will be able to assist and provide sizing advice if required.

What if I damage the hire wetsuit?

Minor damage and wear and tear on a hire wetsuit is normal and expected. All wetsuits are assessed for damage prior to them being sent out to you for hire. Our expert team complete a Wear & Tear From and a copy of this form is included when the wetsuit is sent to you. We ask that you thoroughly check the wetsuit to ensure you agree with our damage assessment as indicated on the Wear & Tear form. If you do not agree with our damage assessment, you must contact us immediately and before using the wetsuit. If we have not received any contact from you within 48 hours of shipping the wetsuit it will be assumed that you acknowledge and agree with our damage assessment. Any damage not included on the Wear & Tear form will be deemed to have resulted after the wetsuit had been received by you.

You will not be assessed and charged any damage fees unless there is serious and/ or intentional damage to the wetsuit. Please read the wetsuit Terms & Conditions if you are unsure. By continuing with your hire/ purchase you are acknowledging your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and your responsibilities and liabilities contained within.

How do I return my hire wetsuit?

Wetsuits can be returned in person (TITAN Triathlon Multisport, Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road HOVE SA 5048) or by post. You can choose any suitable postage method/ carrier and you are responsible for paying return shipping.

All RETURNS must be sent back to the address below (all returning wetsuits must be clean, dry & with a completed Wetsuit Hire Returns Form):

TITAN Performance Group (Triathlon Multisport)
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove 5048
South Australia

If we have not received your wetsuit within five days of the end of your hire period end date, we will assume you want to keep your hired wetsuit and we will charge the same credit card that you originally hired the wetsuit on the additional cost of keeping the hire wetsuit. This will be as per the Terms & Conditions

Do you ship hire wetsuits internationally?

We only currently hire wetsuits within Australia and New Zealand.

TITAN Triathlon Multisport
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048
PH (+61) 08 8296 5274

Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms & conditions carefully before placing your order. By using this website and placing an order you agree to be bound by these terms.

If you have any queries, please email our customer services team at

Shipping & Handling

The charge for this service will vary from shipping methods. Your order will only be delivered Monday to Friday. A $20.00 charge (which includes insurance) will be required to re-deliver any items in situations where the order was not delivered due to the fault of the customer. These situations are defined as:

1 - The order was not signed for because the customer was not present at the listed delivery address.
2 - The order could not be delivered because the address provided by the customer was incorrect or incomplete.

All wetsuit hire orders will be shipped at least 2 days before the desired hire start date, in order for the wetsuit to arrive in time.

Tax Charges

As per Australian tax laws a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is included in pricing and it is the responsibility of the individual to claim this back, where eligible.

Guarantee & Returns

All new wetsuits come with a 30-day size guarantee (ex-hire wetsuit purchases are final with no guarantee).
If the wetsuit doesn't offer you a perfect fit, we will happily accept a return or exchange within 30-days of receipt of the order.

In the unlikely event you feel that you have been delivered a damaged product and/ or wish to return it, please email us at All our hire wetsuits are checked prior to dispatch for previous wear and tear and any defects noted on a wear and tear form. If you order the incorrect size and need to exchange (subject to availability) or return please contact us to discuss. Please note a re-stocking fee of $20.000 will be charged.

Return Instructions

Wetsuits can be returned in person (TITAN Triathlon Multisport, Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road HOVE SA 5048) or by post. You can choose any suitable postage method/ carrier and you are responsible for paying return shipping.

All hire wetsuits must be returned before or within 2 days of the agreed hire end date (wetsuits must be clean, dry & with a completed Wetsuit Hire Returns Form), otherwise it will result in an additional charge as described in the "Charges" section.

TITAN Performance Group
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove 5048
South Australia.

Include your name and address so that we can identify the wetsuit. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the wetsuit. Recorded / tracked / signature required delivery is recommended. We will email you upon receipt of your wetsuit.

Charges and Payments

We accept payment by credit, debit card or EFT. All credit and debit cardholders are subject to validation and authorisation by your card issuer. If the issuer of your card declines payment, you will be notified at the point of purchase.

The following points outline possible fines that could be charged to your card. No charge will be made before we contact you (by email) to inform you of our action.

1 - Dirty/ Wet Cleaning: If your wetsuit is returned to us dirty or wet we will charge you $30.00.
2 - Damage: Each rip/ tear or any other undue damage will result in a charge of $300.00 per incident. Any wear or tear already made to the suit will not incur a charge, please contact us immediately if this is the case.
3 - Late or Non Return of Wetsuit: If your hire wetsuit is not in our possession within 2 days of the agreed hire end date we will charge you an additional $50 per week until the full retail purchase price of the wetsuit has been reached. This charge will be taken from the original card provided.
4 - Any wetsuit returned without the returns form will incur a $30.00 administration fee, which will be taken from the original card details provided.

Cancellations & Refunds

We do not offer refunds on hire wetsuits returned early or unused.
We do not refund for wetsuits if the wetsuit hire is cancelled within 48 hours of the wetsuit being hired out.
Any orders cancelled before the hire date will incur a 20% admin fee. If cancelled within 7 days of hire we will charge a fee of $30.00.

We do not accept any responsibility for circumstances in which the wetsuit hire is being cancelled. This includes:

1 - The wetsuit has not been used due to an event that the wetsuit was going to be used for being cancelled or postponed
2 - Any change in conditions (race or otherwise) resulting in the wetsuit not being used.

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Shipping & Returns Policy

Order with confidence!
TITAN Performance Group is committed to our 'signature' customer service and satisfaction. If you receive any products or merchandise that you are not satisfied with, simply return it to us within 30 days in the condition that you received it and we will happily exchange the size or refund your purchase*.

Any items returned outside of this period (unless faulty) or items returned damaged or soiled (unless faulty) will be the responsibility of the customer to retrieve. TITAN Performance Group will not pay to return these items to you.

Return Terms and Conditions
Returns must be in as new condition with tags attached unless faulty. Due to health regulations, we are unable to exchange or refund on any underwear or ear ring purchase unless faulty within the manufacturer's warranty period. We recommend sending returns via registered post as we do not accept responsibility for lost items. Gift cards and promo codes cannot be applied to exchanges. Returns must be made within the timeframe listed (30 days) unless faulty. Size exchange requests are subject to availability of stock. Should your size request be unavailable a refund will be provided. TITAN Performance Group does not accept cash as a form of payment and takes no responsibility for cash sent via post.

All items returned for refund or exchange must be returned in the original condition with tags attached (unless faulty). Please ensure all returned clothing items are free from marks, stains and rips as they may not be accepted for return if received damaged (unless faulty).

Boxed/Packaged Goods: When returning boxed or packaged goods please ensure you pack them inside a satchel and do not attach anything to the outside of the original packaging. Should the packaging be marked or in unsatisfactory condition there may be a chance that we will not accept your return.

Underwear and Earrings: Due to hygiene reasons TITAN Performance Group is not able to accept returns on underwear or earrings unless faulty.

Swimwear: Swimwear can be returned if it is unworn, and in its original condition with all tags and protection stickers attached. We recommend trying on swimwear over underwear as soiled items will not be accepted for return and will be returned to you at your own expense.

Wetsuits: When returning wetsuits the product information and folding guide must be followed. If you did not receive the folding guide, please contact customer service. Badly creased wetsuits may not be accepted for return unless faulty. Please refer to the XTERRA Wetsuits returns policy for specific details.

During peak returns periods, TITAN Performance Group cannot guarantee returns will be processed within 3 days. If a size exchange is required we recommend placing a new order online and returning your original items for refund to avoid exchange items selling out.

Promotional discount offers will be honoured when exchanging size, but in the case your size request is unavailable or a refund is requested promotional offers will not be extended to your new order. Any free promotional items should be returned along with your order.

*Sale items can be returned after 30 days if the product is faulty under warranty or the incorrect item was received.

Faulty Item Returns
All repairs are carried out by the manufacturer and not by TITAN Performance Group. In some cases, faulty items cannot be repaired and a replacement or refund will be offered. TITAN Performance Group cannot control the availability of parts of replacement goods.

TITAN Performance Group has no control over manufacturer warranty periods, nor can we control repair periods and cannot advise what they will be. We will however do everything we can to ensure your faulty item is handled as quickly as possible and that you are informed throughout the process. In cases where you have returned goods directly to the manufacturer, TITAN Performance Group cannot be held accountable for repair periods or communication from the manufacturer.

Faulty items may be returned outside of the regular returns time frames providing the item is still under warranty. Please contact customer service ( or the brand directly for warranty periods.

We aim to have your return processed within 3 days of receiving the item, however some faults must be approved by the manufacturer before a refund or replacement can be issued. This process usually takes around 1-4 weeks.

Watch and Wetsuit returns: Each manufacturer may have different warranty periods or service standards for faulty items. TITAN Performance Group works closely with its brands to ensure faulty items are dealt with promptly, but we have no control over the repairs or assessment process for warranty issues. In most cases, products returned in used condition will be repaired instead of replaced and will not be refunded unless repair is impossible. Any items returned outside of the warranty period will generally incur a charge for the repair. For more information on your products warranty, please contact the brand directly.

GoPro Returns: Please ensure you have visited the GoPro Support site before contacting TITAN Performance Group about your GoPro. Many questions and issues can be resolved here:

Here's how to have a hassle-free refund or exchange:

  1. Please complete the returns form below within 30 days of purchase. (If you would prefer not to enter your credit card details then please tick one of the credit card boxes on the form. Please note that if you have requested a credit card call that we work on Australian Central Daylight Time, so if you are in a significantly different time zone then the call may be quite late/early your time).
  2. Indicate whether an exchange or refund is required for each item returned.
  3. Please package the item/s in the same way they arrived to you. Include a copy of the returns form with the parcel. Please do not mark shoeboxes with tape or stamps. An easy way to return is to turn the courier bag the items arrived in, inside out and reuse this to return items.
  4. We recommend that you send your return via a registered post delivery service, as we cannot accept responsibility for any items lost in transit.
  5. Please mark the outside of the box and the customs form (only required if sending from outside Australia) 'Goods being returned to manufacturer ' to avoid any delays and charges with customs. We cannot be responsible for any charges occurring from this being omitted.
  6. We aim to process all returns within 3 working days of receipt. If you are in a hurry for the replacement item then we recommend that you order the needed item from our website immediately and return the unwanted item for a refund rather than waiting for an exchange.
  7. If you believe an item to be faulty then we strongly recommend that you contact us before returning the item to us. This way we can determine the fault. Please refer to the Faulty Items Returns information above.
  8. Please note that you will be charged outbound postage for exchanges unless the original item was faulty or despatched incorrectly. On these rare occasions any replacement item/s would be sent free of charge and you would be refunded for the cost of returning the item.

Please send returns to:
TITAN Performance Group
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048

Phone: (08) 8296 5274

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